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Gorgeous Summer Tablescape

This past Sunday we celebrated my oldest daughter’s birthday with a great dinner. The menu will be featured on a blog this week but, first I had to show off this beautiful table setting. This tablecloth is from Provence and has the typical colors of this region which are: red, blue, and yellow.

Here’s a photo of the “undressed” table so you can see the beautiful central floral design of red poppies and blue salvia flowers. It looks great “as is” but I wanted to put a floral arrangement on it to really mark the special occasion. So look what I came up with.

I took a Waterford biscuit barrel and filled it with the same periwinkle blue colored flowers. These flowers are called ageratum and are an annual one that I grow in my garden. I could also have used blue salvia, but I really liked how the shapes of these stems all overlapped in a cool way. Also I think it made the tablecloth’s center design look like it was 3-D, don’t you agree? Plus I put several glass votives near the flower jar so that they would make the crystal sparkle. I think it looked so pretty and cozy.

Here’s a longer view of the table. I layered dark brown rattan placemats over the cloth, and then uses red cotton napkins as well as glasses. The red glasses are from Homegoods (old) but here are even prettier ones that I purchased for my California home.

Check this out! Last week I was browsing in the on-line shopping section of my local high end consignment shop, when this collection is what I found. It’s a 75 piece set of gold plated silverware. The price was only $95! I was thrilled!. I think these settings are so beautiful and classy. I wash them by hand, but my kids are used to just leaving the flatware out of the dishwasher when they help with the post dinner clean-up. I know these are considered old fashioned, but I LOVE THE LOOK! And because my family is growing by leaps and bounds, I needed to buy a bigger collection than my other inherited set of sterling silver.

By the way, the shop I scored this set from is the Village Treasure House. It’s a non-profit consignment, shop supporting local agencies serving families in crisis. All the staff are volunteers. The address is 1460 Paddock Drive, Northbrook, Illinois. Every Tuesday they come out with a bunch of new items and they’re on Instagram @villagetreasurehouse1460. Check them out! You won’t be disappointed! (They’re closed on Sunday and Monday.)

Here’s a close-up of the place setting. Doesn’t the gold look so elegant against the rattan placemat and the underlying yellow cloth. I just LOVE a beautiful table!

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Dr. Julie

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