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In this post, I will show you three distinctly different ways to style a woman’s long cardigan. I believe a long cardigan is a terrific type of statement piece. I like wearing it over various types of pants to create entirely different looks. Long cardigans come in many types of fabrics and can be worn year-round depending on the weight and colors or prints used in the item. I own silk knit long cardigans as well as warmer cashmere and even cotton blends.

First Look on How to Wear a Long Cardigan:

In this first outfit, I paired a gray knit long cardigan with a coordinating gray knit turtleneck. I love how this long cardigan outfit looks like a duster, which is a favorite style of mine. I added red jeggings which lent a pop of color to this gray cardigan outfit. My pearl stud earrings are a classic style next to the turtleneck and the black booties ensure that this is a fall or winter look.

Here's how to style a long cardigan with a coordinating turtleneck, red jeggings, and black booties.

Second Look on How to Wear a Woman’s Long Cardigan

A gray knit woman's long cardigan styled with a coordinating gray and black foulard scarf as well as distressed jeans.
In this second gray long cardigan outfit, I again wore the coordinating gray turtleneck, but this time I wore it with distressed jeans. I liked the contrast of the light blue wash with the smokey gray knit long cardigan. I also added a black and gray foulard scarf that I simply draped over my neck.
Style tip: Many of my followers are reluctant to wear scarves because they don’t know how to do so. As you can see from this look, just draping a scarf around your neck makes for a very elevated look. Just wearing the sweater and jeans looks very basic and ordinary. By adding this simple (and inexpensive!) scarf, you really “up your style game”! For jewelry, I kept it simple with pearl stud earrings and a pearl bracelet along with my trusty stainless steel Ebel watch.
A gray knit woman's long cardigan styled with a coordinating gray and black foulard scarf as well as distressed jeans.
Again, I wore black suede ankle booties as they add balance to the outfit by having the dark shoes at the bottom, and the black (and gray) scarf at the top of this knit long cardigan outfit. Balancing the colors of a look so that you use the same (or similar) colors on both the top and bottom of a look, with a contrasting color in the middle, is called the “sandwich method” of styling a look. Style tip: If you’re wondering why a particular outfit looks terrific, or instead, maybe misses the mark, see if this method has been successfully employed.
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Third Look on How to Style a Woman’s Long Cardigan

Gray woman's long cardigan styled with opera length pearls and black vegan leather leggings.

In this third and final woman’s long cardigan look, I again paired the gray knit woman’s long cardigan and underlying turtleneck, but this time I wore black vegan leather leggings and black suede booties. I kept the stainless steel watch and pearl bracelet as well as the pearl stud earrings, and even added an opera length strand of pearls. I think this is a perfect outfit for work, or a play, or going to lunch with friends, don’t you?

Some readers have asked me how to care for vegan leather? I have found them to be very easy to clean. I simply turn them inside out and wash them on cool. I then pop them in the dryer just for four or five minutes. Be sure to set a timer on your phone! Then I hang them up to dry the rest of the way. I love these vegan leggings because the back is pointe knit which is very comfortable and looks grat with the “leather” front.

Gray woman's long cardigan styled with opera length pearls and black vegan leather leggings.

So there you have it folks. Three cute gray cardigan outfits that are each very different. Are you a fan of these long cardigans? Please let me know in the comments below or DM me @drjuliemarshall on Instagram. Thanks and Happy Tuesday!


Dr. Julie

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