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For Mother’s Day this year, my daughter Becky sent me the cutest gift. She knows how I enjoy making cookies. I actually enjoy eating them more, but this gift was truly ingenious! This is the best cookie decorating kit ever that allowed me and my good friend Linda to decorate these 16 cookies in about 30 minutes!

Best Cookie Decorating Kit

Truly! It was actually Linda’s birthday and we were having a socially distanced lunch at my house. Because this kit arrived right before the event, I decided we should have an arts and crafts table after we ate. The thing is making cut-out cookies and then decorating them is usually A LOT OF WORK. But this kit made it so easy.

Best Cookie Decorating Kit

They send all the cookies already cut out and baked to perfection. They actually tasted great! Becky sent me the vanilla cookies, but their other options are: spiced molasses and ginger, Italian anise, and lemon cookies. This kit is the “summer fun package” and included the ice cream cone, sunglasses, sun, flip flops, and watermelon slice.

They sent all four different icings in the ready-to-use pastry bags. All we had to do was cut off the tip and start applying it to the cookies! No messy filling of bags and struggling with decorating tips. Unbelievably convenient and the consistency was perfect; not too thin, not too thick.

They included all these different types and colors of sprinkles and “eyes” to decorate the treats.

So here is our handy work. Aren’t the cookies so fun? My daughter said that she learned of this company because during the pandemic, so many folks are on the hunt for projects to do with their kids. I enjoyed this so much and hope next Mother’s Day I’ll be home in Chicago making these same cookies WITH my family. But in the meantime, it was a great project for my friend’s birthday!

This was the name of the kit: Cookies to Decorate/Cookie Decorating Kit.

This is the paperwork inside the box with clear pictures to inspire our decorating. The company website Their phone number is: 518-280-6173. If you have kids or grandkids of any age, this is the way to go for a laughter-filled afternoon!


Dr. Julie

P.S. I checked on-line. This “Summer Fun” cookie package was $29.00. The shipping to California was $15.95. So the total was $44.95. I know that might seem a bit pricy, but it was sooooo easy and convenient. I think it is a great deal considering you don’t have to buy any ingredients, or cookie cutters… Just saying! It really is the Best Cookie Decorating Kit!

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