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Let’s explore some Fourth of July tablescape ideas in this post. I view every holiday as an opportunity to be excited and creative about the décor, the outfits and the food. I truly still LOVE IT ALL! I typically head down to my big storage area in my basement and open the appropriate boxes. Two boxes encase my Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day stuff. But no surprise, I’m always “on the hunt” for either a different way to put it all together or new stuff to add to the old to make it more fun.

Fourth of July tablescape

Fouth of July tablescape

This year I am especially happy with the dining room table. Lucky for you, I found much of the stuff this year so just click on the hot pink links and start ordering whatever appeals to you. Let me know your thoughts below in the comments section. It’s easier to comment “as a guest” most readers say. I really enjoy your input!

I love this table because it’s so layered with textures and details. The tablecloth is a wonderful blend of cotton and polyester, so it folds up easily for storage but doesn’t need to be re-ironed to look great. Over the tablecloth, I place dark wicker oval placemats. I use these a TON and love them because they’re so sturdy and easy to wipe off after use. My red-edged dinner plates are old (Crate and Barrel) and I use these multiple times per year. They look cute with Spode Christmas plates as well as the star of the show for Valentine’s Day, in addition to the patriotic holidays.

The blue glass salad plates are old (Crate and Barrel) and I like how they looked layered over the dinner plates. The red gingham napkins say, “summer” and add another size of check to the table setting. The red lanterns are old (Crate and Barrel) and are usually on a sofa table in my great room. But now that I have three (!) grandbaby boys (all two and under), I think it’s safer to use these enclosed votives when they’re here.

The silverware is a family heirloom and although my kids probably think I’m crazy to use fancy silverware because it can’t be washed in the dishwasher, I just love the elegance (as well as the juxtaposition with summery, picnic décor). The centerpiece is a wicker basket holding three clear jars, each containing a silk geranium.

I love low centerpieces so everyone can see across the table. I usually use fresh flowers but I wanted to set the table early, and these looked cute, so voila, it worked. Lastly, I have red tumblers that complete the table. Mine are old and from Homegoods, but here are cuter ones that I bought for my California home,

Fourth of July tablescape and decor

Fourth of July Decor

Here’s my powder room shelf complete with Uncle Sam (old), a red gingham hand towel and flag disposable hand towels. Here are some fun ones. Isn’t it neat that the walls of my powder room are red?

I went to dinner at our friends’ house and brought this darling plant as a hostess gift. It’s a plant called Baby Tears and I love how lush it looks. I bought it at the local nursery. It prefers low light and needs a shot glass or so of water per day. It’s like a chia pet in that it grows rapidly and once it’s too shaggy, you just shear off the ends with scissors. For the holiday, I added a little flag appetizer toothpick.

Here are three more pots of the same plant on my kitchen round glass table. I popped them in a hammered copper tray (from the same nursery). Then for fun I added these great pinwheels.

Here is one dessert for the Fourth that I make every year. It’s the recipe for Toll House cookies, but I substituted red, white and blue M & Ms for the chocolate chips. I put them on my Nora Fleming platter with the flag mini charm on the corner of the plate. (I think my flag mini is no longer being made, but here is another cute choice.) In the background I placed an flag motif box (old and from Homegoods) and added several ivy plants.

Well that wraps up my fourth of July tablescape and decor ideas for now. I’ll follow up with a few more desserts, sides and outfits, later on this week so stay tuned. I just wanted to get this post out so if anyone is interested, they could still shop and get them in time for this weekend. Amazon has improved on their delivery times, so you should be okay with ordering today.

Take good care!


Dr. Julie

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PPS And one on red, white and blue outfits.

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