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December is always a busy month with Thanksgiving so late this year, a trip to Waco, my new daughter-in-law’s birthday on the 19th, Christmas 🎄 Eve and Christmas 🎄 Day celebrations at our house and multiple teas, lunches, dinners and cocktail parties!  Whew, I’m exhausted just remembering everything!  (Don’t forget, we packed up our two cars 🚘 🚙 cars and flew to our California😎 home 🏡with Bubba 🐶 on the 28th!).


And on top of that my birthday was smack dab in the middle on the 9th!  

We usually try and do the Christmas family photo, but this year two kids couldn’t make the party as one lives in New York City and the other had to work.  Plus the two grand babies weren’t very interested in a photo op.  So it turned into a bit of a free-for-all, with lots of wriggling out of planned outfits, and much playing with the cool phones. (The babies’ folks don’t have land lines, so ours were of great interest…)




But through it all our son A.J. kept shooting his camera 🎥 in hopes of getting a shot or two for the card.  Every year we typically decorate the Christmas tree 🎄 (scratch that as it was too nuts!), eat pizza 🍕 from my favorite pizza place (Barnaby’s in Northfield), and a s’mores bday cake 🎂, which I adore 🥰!!! I usually make the cake because it’s easy and fun to make.





For the planned Christmas photo we were all supposed to wear red and black. The kids were too hot in their darling lumber jack plaid fleece lined vest (the Gap), and I never had a photo of my whole outfit. I love this red cotton Ann Taylor turtleneck because the color is such a true blue-red and looks so Christmasy. I wore black velvet AG skinny jeans and a cool, crystal and fine silver link long necklace from my close girlfriend, Molly.

When I was opening my birthday cards I was delighted by one from my grandson Simon.  Here’s a photo:


Wasn’t this the best card ever!!! It’s going to be my new name: Glamma. I love the name and that it speaks to my interest in glamor, fun, and fabulousness! How about you? Do you think it fits? My close cousin Mary Patt decreed that from henceforth both she and I will be titled, Glamma! Perfect name for a grandma who leads such a fun and full life, don’t you agree? Please let me know in the comments below what fun names you other grandparents go by and how the names came into being.




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