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Are you someone who gets excited about Valentine’s Day? I love that it’s such a happy holiday that celebrates love and friendship. I say “Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone!”.

I love the heart-shaped everything. I love pink and red as two happy colors. I like that you can buy someone a heart-shaped red sucker or a pair of sox and make them smile!

I thought it would be fun to put together a bunch of inexpensive gift options for all your loves. Let’s get to them:

Here is a collage of Valentine's Day ideas for saying Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone!

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Valentine’s Day Door Decor

One of the easiest ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day is to replace your Christmas front door wreath with some fun Valentine’s Day Door Decor. I am actually that person who has a wreath for practically EVERY holiday! (In fact, my grandson, Jack refers to my decorations storeroom as “the Beautiful Room with all the Decorations”, sigh!).

Here are two adorable wreaths that I found online for you. The delicate twig heart with red accents is a neat homage to a wintery look, while the pink and red tulip wreath leans a bit more toward spring.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Daughter

Check out this sweet headband. It’s navy and would be a fun Valentine’s Day gift for your daughter. Or would she prefer the classic navy and white top with the bright red heart on the front? I especially love the red tee shirt in the middle of the collage. It’s so playful with its Happy Valentine’s Day message! Lastly, I love the XO socks as they would be so sharp with white tennis shoes.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dad or Son

I love these great gray socks with hearts. They would be fun with jeans, khakis, or even dress pants! And then this sweet navy heart tie is a classic look. I think it would look cool with a denim shirt, tied with the knot slid down a bit.

Valentine’s Day Jewelry for Her

These little “diamond heart earrings” are simply fun! And the bigger red heart earrings are playful and would show even with longer hair. I know that more expensive jewelry is also purchased on Valentine’s Day but these items were just happy.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Family

Are you looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for the whole family? How much would your kids (or grandkids) love these XO pajamas or the same print in a tee shirt? So colorful. And cozy. I actually bought this “Heartbreaker” tee shirt for all four of my grandsons this past weekend when I made a trip to the outlet stores in Cabazon, CA. It’s ON SALE today even compared to what I paid this past weekend. Check it out!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Check out these Victoria’s Secret pajamas made out of soft modal fabric. They’re light pink and covered with red hearts. And lastly, I love this tee shirt (gray or pink) with the heart made out of lots of little hearts. It looks 3-D and would look terrific worn under a white cotton shirt, with the shirt unbuttoned!

Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone!

So if you love this holiday celebrating love and friendship as much as I do, you can pick any of the fun items on my collage. Let me know which items are your favorites in the comments below. Or DM me @drjuliemarshall on Instagram. I would LOVE to hear from you!


Dr. Julie (Alias: Cupid!)

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