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Valentine’s Day celebrates love and friendship. How great is that? I made this really pretty pink and red Valentine’s Day table that I HAD to share with you! Check out all the fun details!

I think pink is a playful color because it’s so happy. I found these terrific beaded pink salad/dessert plates at Homegoods (and even cuter heart-shaped ones here!). I love the look of the pink plate and I know it will look good with a heart-shaped cookie or brownie when dessert time rolls around.

I used red polka dot teapots as my vases. They’re so whimsical and fun. I cut hydrangeas from Trader Joe’s and popped them inside the pots. Wait until you see them!

And the most fantastic/easiest way to create a pink and red Valentin’s Day Table is to start with a Valentine table runner. And although I used a red tablecloth under my runners, you don’t have to. (I’m just a sucker for layered tablescapes!) See if you like the runners. They’re a terrific buy!

Here is a close-up of my red and white polka dot tea pot "vase" holding white hydrangeas and sitting on a white Valentins runner for part of my Valentine's Day Table

In this post...

How I Made my Valentine’s Day Table


Here is my tan quartzite dining room table before I decorated it.

For those of you who follow my blog (thank you!), you know I always start my tablescape by showing you my bare dining room table. My quartzite table is large so I need three Valentine table runners. Most tables need two.

Here I have added a red tablecloth to the table.

I added a red tablecloth. It just about covers my table and that’s okay by me. Next, I layered on the Valentine’s Day table decorations.

Valentine Table Runner

Isn’t this such a sweet and simple Valentine Day table runner? It’s just white cotton with lots of little red hearts all over it. I loved the simple and crisp nature of it. I knew it would be a great backdrop for my table settings. (See how I had to use three of them!)

Here I have added the first white cotton with red hearts valentine table runner to the tablescape.
Here all three valentine table runners are in place

Place Settings

I've now layered a red metallic net-like placemat over the runner.

For this, I started with a red net-like placemat that I found last year at Homegoods. I thought it would be neat to place them on the white background of the Valentine table runner. These are very similar but prettier!

Next, I added white ceramic plates and red cotton napkins. Every entree looks better on a white plate as it doesn’t compete with the food. It’s why the Barefoot Contessa always uses white serving pieces.

I've added a white ceramic dinner plate as well as a red cotton napkin.

Now I added the pink ceramic salad/dessert plates. I also added mini salt and pepper shakers to every place setting. They’re so cute and helpful for everyone to have their own set. (Great hostess gift from my friend Linda!)

Look at the pink beaded ceramic dessert plates and mini salt and pepper shakers at each place setting.

Next, I added the gold-plated flatware, as well as the red water goblets. Using colored glassware is a fun and interesting way to add depth of color to your tablescapes.

I've added red goblets and one of the two teapots as well as gold flatware.

Of course, I had to add champagne flutes. They add sparkle and a bit of height to each place setting. Plus, who wants to miss out on a special Valentine’s Day toast? I bought a pretty new champagne bucket to stand at the end of the table and keep the bubbly chilled.

Now I added clear champagne flutes.
Here is the end of the table with a new shiny champagne bucket that's holding a bottle of bubbly.

I popped a red Valentine’s Day ornament on each place setting for even more fun Valentine’s Day decor!

A close-up of the  place setting with a heart-shaped ornament on the pink dessert plate.
A photo of the place setting and the flowers.

More Valentine’s Day Table Decorations

What more could I add? Three more very fun Valentine’s Day Decorations HAD to be added to complete the Valentine’s Day Table.

What could be left, are you thinking?

How much more can I gild this lily you’re wondering?

But what about flowers, lighting, and sweets? No table is fully put together without some sort of flowers, candles, and dessert in my opinion.

For the flowers, I put Trader Joe’s white fluffy hydrangeas in two red polka dot teapots (that I used for a Valentine’s Day tea on a previous Valentine’s Day). For the candles, I used a mixture of clear votive candles and tall brass battery-operated candles. Don’t they look real? I love them because no wax drips and they look so authentic as they flicker!

A VERY FUN photo with all the clear votive candles and white tall candles lit.
Here is a close-up of the flowers.

For the dessert platter of cookies, I have such a great trick! I wanted to have heart-shaped red, pink, and white iced cookies. But the grocery store (Von’s in La Quinta) just had round red, white, and pink cookies. I was bummed.

So I continued to stroll around the bakery section. And guess what I found? One dozen GORGEOUS unfrosted heart-shaped cookies for $4.49! And then right next to these babies, was the CUTEST grocery-store-made decorating “kit”. Also for $4.49!! It had a little pink, red, and white frosting all in a plastic egg crate type of container. They also had these red and pink heart-shaped sprinkles to add over the frosting.

Here is a close-up of the heart-shaped cookies on a red platter,

Tada! Isn’t this the BEST WAY to make cut-out cookies?! I just hope they’re doing the same thing for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter when my grandkids will be in town. I swear it took me FIVE minutes to frost all twelve cookies and add all the sprinkles!!!

Conclusion to My Very Fun Valentine’s Day Tablescape

Another shot of the cookies and the votive candles.

So have I convinced you that a Valentine’s Day Tablescape is a fun way to celebrate the love of family and friends over brunch or dinner? I’m coming up with a mostly red menu this week. Stay tuned to my blog.

A long view of the finished Valentine's Day Tablescape.

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Happy Early Valentine’s Day to you!


Dr. Julie

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