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This is a pretty Talbots fit and flare skirt that isn’t my usual style. I purchased it last summer however, because I loved the colors and the fabric. It’s a soft, polished cotton that due to the lining, the print and the cotton, doesn’t look wrinkled even after driving or sitting for a meal.

How to Wear a Fit and Flare Skirt

In this look I paired it with a white Talbots cotton button-down blouse that is easy to wash and wear with very little ironing. Because a fit and flare style can look full on the lower half of the body, it’s important to balance the upper torso with a strong shoulder line. So in this outfit, I added a pink cotton J Crew cardigan, worn open and with the blouse cuffs peaking out. By balancing the two halves of my body, I achieved a hourglass shape, versus a pear (which the skirt could readily cause if paired with a un-layered tank).

I wore this season’s nude suede block heeled sandals by Ann Taylor as well as a sweet pink and royal blue delicate choker necklace (a gift from my friend, and former nurse, Ellen). In this photo you can see a bit of a vertical seam near my waist on the white blouse. This is known as a princess seam and is VERY flattering on many figure types. I look for princess seams on any dresses or blouses that I purchase. It pulls in the shape of the blouse, creating a waist and makes the top less boxy.

By the way, Isn’t this a great old, rusty arbor? It’s in my front yard and I love its shape and texture. The light purple petunias match the tones in my skirt. So fun, I think. More on my gardens in an upcoming post…

Here’s that same skirt, last year at one of my grandson’s first birthday parties. I wore a Talbots pink tee but i think it works because the shirt had some strong neckline detailing, as well as pretty sleeves so it can stand up to the skirt’s volume.

Here’s a close-up of the neckline and my mom’s pearl choker. Wasn’t it neat that my daughter and son-in-law rented the Good Humor Man for an hour? Fun party idea.

This is the last version of this skirt. Here I wore a great reversible J Jill cotton tee (one side is a round neck and the other is v-neck. I love v-neck tops because they elongate the neck and are especially flattering to the aging face and neck. Then I popped on this periwinkle cotton short cotton cardigan. I love this sweater’s 3/4 length sleeves because I don’t have to push them up to maintain this look. It was so cute when I first was putting on this outfit.

Mr. G.Q. was getting ready simultaneously. Because I hadn’t finished blow-drying my hair, I just had on the skirt, tank, necklace, and sandals. I asked him if he liked my outfit, and he seemed a bit reluctant in his usual compliments. I noticed, but kept finishing my hair and make-up. Then I came out into the great room and he said, “wow, that skirt looks great with that sweater!”

I thanked him and he went on the say that when he saw me with just the tank and skirt on, it wasn’t that flattering. So he was unconsciously, unaware of the need to balance both halves of my outfit. Lucky for him, I was one step ahead of him!

So there you have it. How to wear a fit and flare Skirt in several slightly different ways. Some of us like tanks, some blouses and some tees. All work with a bit of foresight, don’t you think?

Happy Mid-Summer!


Dr. Julie

PS If you would like to see several other looks with me wearing a cardigan, check out this blog post.

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