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Hello Lovely Readers! It’s the Monday after Easter/Passover weekend and Spring is definitely in the air! I need your help! Please take a minute to read this short post and for a fun way to start your week, watch the video below!

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Dress for Success

What is Dress for Success?

This past week, I came up with an idea to donate to a wonderful organization named Dress for Success. Are you familiar with them? They have a terrific non-profit organization that empowers women by providing a support network to help them. Dress for Success collects gently used professional clothing and distributes it to women trying to get back into the workforce. They also provide counseling and development tools to help women thrive in work and life.

Dress for Success

How Hallmark Can Help

Here I am making a video for the Hallmark Channel Chief Fan Officer Contest.  If I win, I will donate the entire prize of $12,400 to Dress for Success which is a terrific charity that helps women get back in the workforce.  They donate gently used professional clothing, money, and counseling.

Since I am a fashion blogger who LOVES helping women to look their best, I thought it was a natural fit for me. As many of you know, I am a retired dermatologist, turned fashion blogger who has donated professional clothing to this worthy organization. How is it that I need your help? This is the REALLY FUN PART!

I am a HUGE Hallmark fan!

I watch Hallmark as often as I can!

I try and watch a movie (or at least parts of one) every single day!

I watch it while I am cooking.

And while I am ironing my clothes for the blog.

And when I am laying out clothes to pack for a trip.

Are you getting the picture?

Well, the Hallmark channel has a contest for their biggest fan and I decided to enter the contest. The prize for winning the contest is $12,400. I pledge that if I win, I will donate the ENTIRE $12,400 to Dress for Success.

(If you really want to see my passion for Hallmark in action, check out this video (immediately below) of me and how much Hallmark is a BIG part of my life).

Dress for Success

How I Need Your Help (It’s So Fun!)

Here’s what I NEED from you:

Please share this blog post with as many of your friends as possible! The more buzz, the better my chances of being able to help Dress for Success with this donation!

That’s it! By sharing this post, together we can make a big difference in lots of women’s lives. This is such a kind and helpful way to change the world, one step at a time!

Thank you so much for helping me to “pay it forward” to Dress for Success!

Happy Spring!


Dr. Julie

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