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I have a lovely family and was fortunate to see three of my four kids over this holiday weekend.  My older daughter was entertaining her mother-in-law on Sunday but wanted to see my husband and me on the night before.  It just so happens that my favorite birthday dinner is pizza from a local favorite pizzeria and a s’mores bar recipe. So when she suggested pizza I offered to do a “bday dinner rerun” and bring the s’mores dessert!  That’s what we did!  So fun as we got a chance to catch up on her young family’s lives and not be bogged down by an elaborate meal prep! Perfect!  To top it off I got a great cook book by Joanna Gaines that I can’t wait to dive into!

Sunday was another fun-filled day!  We had brunch out at a restaurant  where we got together with one son and his young family, my other daughter, my mother-in-law (she’s 92!), and of course my great husband (who coordinated the whole day!).  

I received several wonderful presents.  My whole team knows I LOVE flowers so I received tulips, irises, roses, mums and hydrangeas!  It was great!  I received several framed photos of one grand baby as well as a stack of photos that I can swap out of said child from my handsome photographer son.  My youngest daughter painted me a terrific painting of a daughter and her mom at the beach. As a retired dermatologist I appreciated the hats and long sleeves on both of us!   My last son was unfortunately out of town but sent lovely flowers and I plan to see him shortly when I visit him in New York. 

What a magnificent Mother’s Day! 

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