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Well I was finally able to go to Talbots the other day and REALLY shop! You remember; you go inside a store, you look at stuff in your size, and you actually try it all on. Then you buy it. Of course, I had a return from all my previous on-line purchasing, and that had to be returned to a different register. But, NO CURBSIDE PICK-UP. No virtual shopping and e-chats… Boy was it ever FUN!!! Talbots was ready for me. I called ahead and was delighted to find out that the store was really open. I had to wear a mask of course. All the clothes that I tried on but didn’t purchase, were put on a rack and are stored at the store in the backroom for 24 hours before being returned to the sales floor. I could have arranged for a free personal shopper as that would have insured that the staff person could go a retrieve items for me in different sizes. Instead, I ran back and forth and actually got in 3000 steps in my shopping spree.

The photos shows one fun outfit that I got. It’s a darling colorful print cotton knit skort in the “T by Talbots” line with a coordinating white, slubby knit sleeveless quarter zip top. The top is a bit long so I just ruched it a bit so that the proportions looked right. For shoes I wore standard white leather Keds sneakers and white short socks.


My earrings were a gift from my friend, Ellen and have some pink and blue in the flowered design that coordinates with the skort colors.

All in all, it was a fabulous trip to Talbots. I was so happy to be back in the stores. Stay tuned for more looks in upcoming blogs. Stay safe. And enjoy stimulating the economy with your mask in place!


Dr. Julie

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