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One year ago I decided to listen to an ad on the radio for The Perfect Workout.  It suggested that this routine would help make me stronger and fitter in two weekly sessions of twenty minutes each.  I decided to go for a free trial session. 

And here’s the kicker: In twelve months I’ve lost 14 inches all over my body! That is to say I’ve lost a total of 14 inches on my figure from all the areas that they measured.  What a home run!  

The workout is great because all the sessions are with just you and the trainer.  They run on time and are open six days per week.  The approach is based on super slow movements.  In a typical session you go through six exercises for a maximum of 2 minutes each.  I’m substantially stronger on all the machines and most importantly I never got injured.  Of course I felt a bit sore when I started but nothing that disabled me.  And because this is a short and sweet workout I don’t even get sweaty.  So no need to race home and shower immediately.

Before this routine I had tried other gyms, clubs, boot camps and the like.  And every time I managed to get hurt, necessitating numerous trips to the physical therapist.  

The main scientific principle behind The Perfect Workout is that as we age we lose 1 percent of muscle mass for every year after the age of 40.  So at my age of 62 I was “down” 22 % of my muscle mass.  And that lost muscle mass is replaced with fat, sadly.  The official medical term for this is sarcopenia.  By doing this super slow weight lifting program I rebuilt a bunch of my muscle mass.  And the reason I lost 14 inches overall (mostly in my mid-section!) was because muscle mass is leaner and takes up less space than fat!  Yay!  

The Perfect Workout is a group of facilities that began in California.  There are several centers in the Chicagoland suburbs.  I attend the Wilmette spot working with my trainers, Joel and Erin. (See photos of me on a machine with Joel standing by offering tips and watching my form.)

I love The Perfect Workout because it works for me.  I typically wear exercise clothing but on a few occasions I just popped on my gym shoes with my street clothes.  It worked for me and should for you too. Go do a free initial session to determine if this feels like a viable option for you.

If you decide to sign up tell them Dr. Julie Marshall sent you.  Then you’ll start your fitness journey and I’ll get one free session.  Win, win!

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