I’m Dr. Julie Marshall, a newly retired dermatologist, a mom, a grandma and I have a very fun (& full) life! When my patients asked if I would be bored not working I laughed and said that I haven’t been bored in the past 62 years so why would I be bored now? I have many delightful interests that have always kept me busy so I’ve decided to try my hand at a lifestyle blog. My sharing various aspects of my life will hopefully resonate with you my readers and with any luck make your life more enjoyable as well.

cropped-DrJulieMarshall.pngI practiced general and cosmetic dermatology for 35 years in several suburbs of Chicago. I’m a big fan of skin care and with respect to cosmetics I always told my patients that I was a “Midwestern dermatologist”. That meant I just wanted to help every one to look good for their age. Nothing crazy, just healthy and pretty with NO crazy duck lips or scary eyebrows… Thus my blog will touch on tips and tricks I’ve learned over my career.

Don’t you just love putting a new outfit together? Fashion has been a lifelong passion of mine. To this day I really enjoy finding an item that I can strategically use in a number of different ways. In my blog I’ll share with you my various outfits as well as the projects associated with developing a practical but still fun wardrobe.

Are you someone who likes decorating for the holidays? As my family and friends can attest I truly enjoy entertaining. I like making meals, doing beautiful tables and decorating my home. I’m that crazy person who decorates for most every holiday! I enjoy shopping and creating looks from what I find and what I already have. I’ll share my ideas with you and will look forward to your feedback.

My husband and I recently purchased a second home in Southern California. Thus in my blog I’ll discuss my approach to being a “snowbird” during the winter months and a Chicagoan during the summer. I’m brand new at all this so you’ll get to come along as I travel this particular learning curve.

The things I think are fun are many: fashion, cooking, entertaining, gardening and having wonderful times with my ever-growing family and friends.  Please join me as I’m sure it will be an exciting —and ALWAYS fun ride!

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