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Have you ever had sauteed cabbage? The other day I was cleaning out the fridge when I came upon one half a head of green cabbage. I had used the other half in my yummy vegetable soup. And since Mr. G.Q. HATES cabbage, I knew this veggie was destined to be a meal for me alone! The recipe for the sautéed cabbage is based on one by the Barefoot Contessa, with a few additions of mine. Here’s how I made it:

Sauteed Cabbage with Sunnyside Up Eggs!


2 large eggs,

-butter, softened

!/2 half a head of green cabbage, cut into ribbons

-one piece of Trader Joe’s Sprouted Sour Dough bread

-one tablespoon of caraway seeds

-Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper


  1. In a medium sized skillet, melt one to two tablespoons of butter. Add in the cabbage and saute until tender, about five minutes.
  2. Remove from heat and season with salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Add in the caraway seeds, and cover until eggs are ready.
  4. Toast the bread and butter when done.
  5. In a small non-stick skillet, melt one to two teaspoons of butter on low. Add in the eggs. Cover and cook until done, about three minutes.
  6. Plate everything together as above.
  7. Enjoy!

I love the textures and flavors of this meal. Another fun addition to the cabbage would be golden raisins. I would stir them in at the end. I should have opened this post by saying that sautéing the cabbage imparts a much milder flavor than the usual boiled approach that we’re all accustomed to from St. Paddy’s Day. But I’ll bet after you try this recipe, I will convert you to this method. Let me know if you like it. Thanks!


Dr. Julie

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