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As we’re all mostly “sheltering in place” I thought I would do a post on a cute outfit for lounging around the house. Yesterday it was kind of cool and windy so I wore a soft, long periwinkle blue cardigan from J.Jill (last season). I think long cardigans look good but to avoid overwhelming my 5’4” inch frame, I think it looks best with the sleeves pushed up. Of course that allows any fun jewelry to show, so win, win! I’m sporting my usual stainless steel Ebel watch (old) and several silver beaded bracelets from Evereve (old). When I spend my day at home putting on jewelry makes me feel more “together” and polished in my look.

I’m wearing white pearlized chandelier earrings (a gift from my friend Molly) that lend a bit of a boho feel to my look. The earrings are bold but I think the red floral sleeveless tank (this season from Loft), can stand up to them. I love the slightly drapey quality to this soft top and I believe the blue hydrangeas in the print really say, “spring”! I think the blue of the sweater coordinates well with the top, don’t you?


For shoes I popped on gold metallic sandals with a twisted central strap. They zip in the back for easy wear. They’re by Me too and are called Adam Tucker. They’re extremely comfortable to wear.

For pants I wore an old pair of white denim Christopher Blue cropped jeans. These are so soft and I like the way they fit. Very easy to wear and I think the outfit works. I also think if you are working from home, the cardigan, print top, earrings and makeup would all look nice on a teleconference.

On a different note I wanted to pass on some practical Coronavirus avoidance tips. I recently spoke with my internist about the pandemic and he suggested that it would be smart to buy a few items so we can assess any signs and symptoms that may develop. First of all he said it would be smart to buy a digital thermometer. The official temperature suggestive of Coronavirus is 100.4 degrees. Along these same lines purchase Tylenol or acetaminophen as that is the first thing your doc will suggest when you call in with a fever. The last purchase is a pulse oximeter. This is an ingenious device that measures the oxygen in your blood just by applying it to your fingertip. My internist mentioned that if we get sick, many providers don’t want you to come to their office or hospital unnecessarily. Having these few items will allow us to monitor our symptoms from home and then track our progress so our “helpers” can best determine if we need to come into their offices or recuperate at home. By getting these things, we’ll be a little more knowledgeable and hopefully calmer.

So dear readers. lets do our best to stay well. The hassles of staying at home quickly pale by comparison with this virus’s symptoms. Please forward this post to all your family and friends so we can do our best to stay safe.

Lastly please let me know of any topics you would like to hear about over the next few weeks while we’re all at home. Just type any suggestions in the “comments” section below. Thanks!!



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