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Bareburger's NYC

While visiting New York this weekend my son and I went to a burger place for lunch. Bareburger’s was the location of this particular fun adventure.

This son is an investment banker and was recently involved in the IPO for a vegan product called Beyond Meat. Even though I am definitely NOT a vegetarian I wanted to try it out so off we went. The restaurant was cute and kitschy. The service was efficient and the food was terrific. The burger is actually made from pea protein which sounds somewhat off-putting. It also contains beets which color the meat in such a way that when cooked, it looks and tastes delicious!

We ordered the Golden State burger with grilled red onions, Gouda cheese, and ketchup on a heart-embossed bun. We added a “small” (but plenty big) order of fries and they were perfect-hot, crisp and lightly salted. I would go back! Btw these Beyond Meat burgers are sold at Whole Foods in the freezer section. I’m definitely going to purchase some when I return home to Chicago!

For this busy day I knew much walking was on the agenda. It was very sunny so I wore a black baseball cap, a black slightly ruffled 3/4 sleeved J Jill tee shirt, black gingham stretch pant and my trusty Brooks black gym shoes. My favorite accent in this outfit is the cute round red leather shoulder bag from Banana Republic. It’s such a bright shade and is easy to wear. I’ll bet you’ll be seeing a lot of this guy in the coming days…

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