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Last week I had the garden club over for a meeting and a garden walk through my yard and two nearby spots. These are my favorite fall bloomers.


This is part of one front bed. I popped in a baby pumpkin as it brightens up the pink impatiens, geraniums and hydrangeas. The bright orange-red flowers are dragon fly begonias which bloomed all summer and are still going strong.


These rose flowers are an annual called cleome or spider flower. They self sow so every year new plants pop up from last year’s seeds with no effort from me. I love these against the white brick wall and in the back of the garden beds.


Here’s a fun hack. I have a rickety dark wicker garden stand that I move around the garden wherever I see a hole from previous plants that are now past their prime. I placed a few pumpkins in it for fall interest. Another cool trick is to spray the pumpkins with clear acryllic spray so the squirrels don’t eat them. Works like a dream and the pumpkins looks so shiny.


Here in my side bed the large drapey yellow plant is goldenrod which is a luscious fall bloomer. It can be invasive so you need to remove any side shoots that pop up to minimize that problem. But it looks good with this pink sedum (that looks like pink broccoli) and purple/silver sage. I love this combination of yellow, pink and blue in the Fall.


Here I placed a flying pig statue that I found in a garden store. Again I move them around to any empty spots in my beds.


Another fun idea is to place two wreaths on your front door. One’s on the outside and the other’s on the inside. This allows me to hang more beautiful wreaths and it brings the fall colors indoors. Do you like the idea or am I just crazy🍁🎃🍂🌾?



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