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I decided to do a post on my makeup table.  When Mr. G.Q. and I bought this home in California I was fortunate to have a vanity table alcove already present in the master bath.  So I decided to organize my beauty products and tools in a functional yet aesthetically pleasing way.  See if you think I hit those marks.

My Makeup Table

I started with a bronze 15 x 15 inch mirrored tray from HomeGoods because I was trying to tie together the different metals that were in place.  Here’s a similar one from Amazon. The faucets and cabinet hardware were both polished nickel and the vanity mirrors were gold. 

I purchased these very fun mercury gold votive holders from Pottery Barn to sort and contain all my different items.  They’re sold in a collection of six containers of varying sizes. Here are similar ones from Amazon.

It drives me crazy when I can’t find my favorite lipstick 💄 or eyeliner 👁!  My plan was to divide my products by type such as lipsticks, makeup brushes, etc.  I used one of the bigger votive holders to camelflage my contact lens solution.  I have found this system to be fun and effective.  All my items are visible and organized.

In addition to the tray corralling my makeup items, I also purchased a fantastic makeup mirror by a company called Zadro.  I bought it from Amazon but I first tried this mirror at a spa with my close girlfriend Molly several years ago.  We both loved the even circular lighting as well as the two levels of magnification.  

The way my vanity table is set up I can apply makeup using the magnifying mirror for a closeup and then look up to see a regular view in the other bigger mirror.  It’s so important to look at one’s makeup in both views and in both the bright makeup mirror light as well as the more natural regular mirror light to get an accurate impression of one’s look.  This is especially true when applying brow products.  We’ve all seen people in recent years with a bit too much brow.  To get the proportions right it’s important to get a view of our face that others will see, thus the need for the regular mirror in addition to the magnifying one.  At 63 I surely need the magnifying mirror to apply my eye products.  And then I finish checking my look in the regular big mirror.

Alright lovely readers, how did I do on this makeup station? Does it look attractive and also practical? Any other suggestions? How do you organize your cosmetics? Please let me below in the comment section.

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