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Hello my lovely readers! I’ve been thinking about what dermatology/beauty/self-care subjects I should discuss with you and I’ve come up with MANY ideas. I’ve decided that it would be most fun for me (and hopefully, you) that I will plan for these types of posts to be published on Wednesdays. Why Wednesdays, you might ask? Well back in the olden days (35 years ago when I started my dermatology practice), Wednesday was the day that doctors took off, typically to golf! So when I started my solo practice I thought it might be a smart business decision to be open on Wednesdays! For certain, it was a GREAT marketing decision because I was frequently the “only game in town” on those days. So for sake of happy memories, I am going to plan on posting all beauty/dermatology/self-care posts on Wednesdays.

Today I’m going to show you exactly which make-up products I use every morning as I do my morning make-up routine. If you missed last week’s post, click on it here as it tells you all the anti-aging products I use every single day. After I have applied the anti-aging creams listed in that post, I then start on the actual makeup.




Here is my sweet vanity table at my home in California (where I spend the winter with Mr. G.Q.). I have a pretty gold tray and on it I have numerous votive holders that hold my products, tools, and brushes. I did a blog on where I bought all these containers, here. My vanity chair was from Amazon and I had it recovered in this gorgeous red toile fabric at Calico Corners.




  1. First things first. I apply the Microeyes around my eyes right up to my brow bone and down to the area of my undereye “circle”. Then I apply Microday over my entire face, and eyes. This is such a great multi-purpose product because it contains: a tinted moisturizer, Vitamin C serum, Vitamin E, green tea extract, plumping hyaluronic acid, SPF 30 and acts as a makeup primer due to the glide of the product!

  2. Foundation: My favorite foundation is Dior’s Capture Totale. This elegant product covers easily and thoroughly. If I have a red or brown spot that peeks through a bit, I just dot a little extra right over that area only, blending easily with the rest. My color is 010. I purchased this at Neiman Marcus and for the first time you select your color I would strongly advise that you go to the beauty counter and have the sales person aid you in your best shade. If there is any concern that the decision is between two shades, take the time to request that the sales staff give you a small vial containing a bit of each. Now go home and try each out to determine your best option. This is a very helpful step and will ensure you get the best product for your efforts. Please note that SPFs of products used simultaneously are not additive. So by wearing my Microday SPF 30 with Dior foundation of SPF 25, my SPF is only 30.




3. Mirror: I apply all of my make-up products with this terrific magnifying mirror that lights up. I actually first experienced it at Miraval resort. I love the clarity it provides especially when applying lipstick or tweezing my brows.

4. Brow Products: This is such an important part of one’s face and should not be overlooked. Our brows serve as a natural resting point visually when others look at us. It is definitely true that as we age, our brows thin and fade in color. Because of this, it’s very important to accent our brows with several of the myriad of products currently available. (I promise to do a future post where I discuss some of the permanent and semi-permanent options at a later date.) My approach is to first apply a very inexpensive Maybelline micro mechanical pencil that has a retractable tip on one end and a spoolie brush on the other. What I do is this: I draw little tiny fine lines in the direction of hair growth. I use the soft brown color. Because my hair is a mixture of brown, silver, and grey hair, I add Jane Iredale mineral smoky grey eye (see below) shadow (applied with a brow brush) over the areas I drew on as well as a bit throughout my whole brow, concentrating the most product over my thinnest brow areas. Then I smudge it all a bit with the spoolie end of the Maybelline micro pencil. This sounds complicated, but truly takes seconds.

5. Eye Shadows: Here I start with Jane Iredale’s Canvas eye shadow primer. This product is thick and goes on with the Camoulflage brush. (It can act as a shadow as well and sometimes that’s all I use before adding my eye liner and mascara.) Next, I add my eye shadows from the Jane Iredale Eye Shadow Kit in the color panel “Purple Rain”. I apply the light lavender shade all over my lid. I then apply a small amount of the pink shade to my inside eye corner. I end with the smoky grey or the medium brown on the outside “C” of my outer eye area. This combination of color is subtle and pretty with most any of my outfits, remarkably. I have brown eyes. (The grey in this kit is the shadow I use on my brow as described above.)

6. Eye liner: I then outline my entire upper lash margin and the outer half of my lower lashes with Jane Iredale’s soft eye pencil in black/brown. By only outlining my outer half of the lower lid, I avoid “closing off” my eyes and making them appear smaller.

7. Mascara: My current favorite mascara is Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions. It is a neat product that easily coats in one or two coats at most and lasts all day.

8. Blush: For blush, I lightly apply with Jane Iredale’s soft Kabuki brush Nars’ powder blush in the shade called “Torrid”. Most people prefer the shade “Orgasm” (it’s really called that!) but it wasn’t pink enough for my skin. With the older face it’s best to keep the blush more to the outside half of the cheekbone while on younger readers, it looks best on the “apples” of the cheek. Why? Because by placing it on the outer part of the cheekbone, it draws the observer’s eye there and effectively looks like the person has had a gentle (and pretty) face lift! Who knew?!

8. Concealer: My concealer is Estee Lauder’s Smooth creme concealer. My color is smooth ivory. I dot this on with my fingers over my undereye circles. I do this after my other eye products and blush, because I can then easily see where I need to camoulflage.

9. For lipstick I almost exclusively wear Maybelline’s 24 hour Super Stay lipstick. I love this so much that I actually wrote a blog just on it, here. It’s so great because it really stays on even if you eat or go to the dentist! The color I primarily wear is 010 Reliable Raspberry. This is an older color so harder to find at most CVS or Walgreens stores. I buy it here. Of note also is the fact that it doesn’t transfer to your coffee cups, napkins or, wait for it, YOUR MASKS!!!! Really.

There you have it folks. Thanks for taking the time to read this very comprehensive make-up product post. I hope it was helpful. Please leave any comments or questions below in the comment section.


Dr. Julie

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