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Today I am discussing what I, as a retired dermatologist think are the easiest and best ways to remove facial peach fuzz. There are actually two main types of hair; vellus hair which is typically short, thin, and barely noticeable. However, it does increase with age and many women find it beneficial to remove this so as to have a smoother complexion that allows for a nicer application of make-up. This is frequently referred to as peach fuzz Terminal hair is typically thicker, coarser, and pigmented. Today, I am concentrating mostly on AT-HOME methods of temporarily removing the vellus hair or peach fuzz.

  1. Shaving-This is a temporary method of hair removal involving the use of a razor of some sort that cuts the hair off at the level of the skin surface. It does not remove the hair below the skin surface. The results last from about one to three days before the hair regrows. There are numerous devices to do this from hand held razors to multiple electric devices.

    I think the BEST device to use for removing this peach fuzz/vellus hair is the Finishing Flawless Touch At Home Solution. This cool product is a small battery-operated unit that removes the facial hair by a spinning floating halo head. It does not hurt and it is used in a circular direction. It has a light on the head so you can aim it more effectively when looking in your make-up mirror. It is also small enough to carry in your purse (slightly bigger than a lipstick) to be used for any touch-ups on the go. It really removes the fine hair without irritating the surrounding skin. I truly love it and use it several times per week whenever I see a spot of fine hair in my make-up mirror. It can also shave off darker hairs, but is not very effective at coarse dark hairs. For that, you would need a more traditional razor.




2. Tweezing-Tweezing is a highly effective method of hair removal and it typically removes one hair at a time. It is particularly useful in removing an occasional hair such as on the brow or around the mouth. My favorite tweezer is this one by Tweezerman. Tweezing removes the hair from the hair follicle so it lasts longer than shaving, which only cuts the hair off at the skin surface

3. Depilatory creams-This is another option for hair removal. With this method a cream, lotion or gel is applied to the face and left on for a few minutes until the hair is dissolved. This method actually dissolves the hair at the level of the hair follicle, so the result will last longer (up to two weeks) than shaving. It’s important to patch test an inconspicuous area first to see if you get red or irritated by the agent. Also it’s easy to get distracted once you’ve applied the product. Then if it’s left on too long, it’s very easy to get a chemical burn from this method. So ALWAYS set your phone timer for a time shorter than recommended on the container. Once the alarm goes off, check to see if the hair wipes away easily. Then hop in the shower and liberally rinse away any residual depilatory. Follow up with a moisturizer. Also be sure to use a product formulated for the right area (ie. face depilatory to the face, etc.) so as to minimize skin irritation. Lastly be sure to stop any retinoids such as Differin, RetinA, or retinol for three days prior to using depilatories.

4. At Home Waxing-This method involves applying warm wax to the skin, and then covering it with a strip of fabric, followed by rapidly pulling off the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This hurts quite a lot at the time, but fairly large sections of skin can be cleared in one pull. Waxing removes the hair at the level of the hair follicle but because of the trauma, it can be associated with ingrown hairs as well as burns if the wax is too hot. Personally, I think this is a difficult procedure to do at home and would caution against it. Also stop using Differin, RetinA, or retinoids three days before this procedure.

5. Topical Prescription Cream-There is a cream called Vaniqa which SLOWS facial hair growth. It does NOT remove hair. It is available from your dermatologist. It is not recommended if nursing, pregnant, or attempting pregnancy.

6. Spring Hair Remover-Tweezerman makes this spring-containing device for hair removal. The method involves folding the device in half and then twisting the ends of the spring with each hand while moving it over the hair so as to pull out the hairs from the hair follicle. I haven’t tried this but seems a bit tricky to use both hands simultaneously while moving it over your face! I think the Flawless product mentioned in point 1 is much easier and in my opinion the ONLY WAY TO GO for at home temporary removal of peach fuzz!

So there you have it, my review of at home methods to temporarily remove facial hair. In the next few weeks I will discuss the more permanent methods of hair removal. Stay tuned and please follow me on Instagram @drjuliemarshall.


Dr. Julie

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