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What would be a fun gift for him?

Dads do so much for us and frequently they do it quietly and without much adieu. Because of this, I thought it might be helpful to come up with a batch of presents that would be FUN for him! Since Father’s Day is just around the corner (next Sunday) and I decided to round up a list of items that I think most dads, step-dads and grandpas would love. Let’s see if you agree… In this post I will show you great gifts for dads with a variety of interests and hobbies.

For the Dad who Loves Golf:

As some of you may know, my dad was a golfer. He loved it and he’s the person who first brought me to the La Quinta, California where I now winter with Mr. G.Q. My sweet husband is a VERY PASSIONATE golfer. His favorite golf gifts are pretty simple. He loves his favorite golf ball (see below) and he loves a gift certificate to his golf course’s pro shop. This is an easy present to buy as I just call up the pro shop with my credit card or check, and tell them the denomination of the gift certificate. Then Mr. G.Q. gets to select EXACTLY what he wants whenever he’s in a “golf shopping” mood.

  1. Titelist Pro V 1 X Golf Balls: My husband loves to be on top of the latest technology with respect to his favorite game, so currently, this is his winning ball. There are twelve balls in a box and truly, you can’t go wrong buying these for your golfing dad, hubby, papa, etc.
  1. Dry Fit Golf Shirt: This is a sharp looking striped dry fit golf shirt with three buttons. I love the Sky Blue color.

For the Dad Who Loves to Read:

  1. Books by Jeffrey Archer: As of right now, three books of four are released of the William Warwick novels. These are captivating and a cool gift would be to buy all three titles here. Book one is Nothing Ventured.

Book two is Hidden in Plain Sight.

Book three is Turn a Blind Eye

For the Dad Who Likes Coffee:

  1. Coffee Sampler Pack for the Dad Dog Lover: This is such a fun gift! All these different coffee samples have funny canine-inspired names and labels. How can you go wrong for the puppy-loving coffee drinker dad in your life?

2. YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug, Vacuum Insulated, Stainless Steel with MagSlider Lid: This is a best-seller on Amazon as are most of the wonderful Yeti cups. This is a great cup because it’s pretty much indestructible and it works to keep cold beverages cold and hot ones, hot. It also uses magnets to stay closed until you want it open.

3. Funny (yet true?!) Coffee Mug: I don’t know about you, but there are certainly many times (in a day?) that I ask my hubby to help me with something or other. He frequently has to interrupt what he’s been doing, or reading or watching… to do so. This I am DEFINITELY getting this as one of Mr. G.Q.’s gifts this year.

For the Dad Who Likes to Garden:

  1. Best Gardening Gloves Ever!: Any gardener worth their pound of dirt loves new garden gloves. These are breathable and absorb sweat thanks to their bamboo fabric that keep hands dry and cool, even in the summer. They were designed with “bare hand sensitivity” so they feel like a second skin during tasks that require a firm grip, and are touchscreen-friendly too.

2. Great Gardening Pad to Kneel On: This terrific gardening pad is so thick and comfy to kneel on. Easy to move around and to store after the work is done!

For the Dad Who Likes to Cook:

  1. Really Great Oven and/or Barbecue Mitts: I love to bake and use these ALL THE TIME in the kitchen. But Mr. G.Q. is the Family Grill Master and he loves these gloves too!

2. Bear Claws for Shredding Meat: When it’s time for pulled pork or chicken or beef…, it’s time for these super helpful shredding claws. Easy to use and they make fast work of those delicious grilled or slow-cooked meats!

3. Professional Apron for Men: This apron is the Bomb! It has pockets for your cell phone, meat thermometer and even head phone loops. It’s a heavy sturdy fabric that won’t show stains. It’s so sharp and practical!

4. Chef Hat: I don’t know about the chefs in your life, but some of them really love theatrics! This hat is the perfect answer to the guy “who has everything”.


There you have it. A list of great gifts for dad, or grandpa or any of the great men in your life. I hope this was helpful and gave you some fun inspiration to help celebrate our sweet men. Happy Father’s Day!


Dr. Julie

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