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How yo wear this whit tee and simple blue jeans seven different ways in this free guide.

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How to wear jeans and a tee in actual “looks”.

We all have our favorite jeans and tee shirts. They’re the most basic of basic items. But all by themselves, they’re also kind of boring… In this guide, I will show you SEVEN different ways to wear a pair of jeans and white cotton tee that will take you LOTS of different places. The keys to making basics into “outfits” are simple: add accessories and a “third piece”.

Accessories include jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, hats, and scarves, etc. The “third piece” is the item that elevates the jeans and tee (which are items one and two) into a “look”. It’s what makes you think, “Wow, that looks sooo cute together!”, and hopefully, “I think I could do that too!”. The third piece could be a jacket or a shirt tied over the tee, or even a fun scarf or kimono tossed on. Anything to add that certain “magic” to a stylish ensemble.

Jeans and tee worn with a silver multi-stranded necklace, silver bangles and a great print ruana or kimono.

Jeans with a Ruana

In this first outfit, I paired the jeans and tee with an inexpensive print ruana or kimono (similar ones, here). These are breezy lightweight wraps that can be worn open or belted. These are easy to pack and stylish. VERY flattering to all figure types. I also wore an armload of silver bangles and a multi-stranded silver beaded necklace (similar, here).

Jeans, white tee worn with a Blackhawks baseball cap, CUTE white sneakers, sunnies,  and a black crossbody bag

Jeans with Sneakers and a Baseball Cap

In this second look, I paired the tee and jeans with really cute pink-edged Cole Hahn sneakers (also, darling shoes), a Blackhawks (hey, I’m from Chicago!) baseball cap, sunglasses and a black leather crossbody bag (similar, here). Maybe a cute look for a ball game or just for running errands, yes?

How do I get the REST of the SEVEN Looks?

So have I convinced you yet that I have a bit of “fashion game”? I really love making up different outfits out of the same pieces by adding a little “something”. So if you want the rest of the seven jeans and tee shirt ideas, just subscribe to my blog, below and you’ll automatically receive the free guide!

I am a recently retired cosmetic dermatologist who has ALWAYS loved fashion. I like cute, fun easy to put together and wear outfits. I will show you LOTS of ideas to take you to family outings, holidays, lunch with friends (my personal favorite), date night, and much, much more. In my blog, ( I’ll share delicious, and easy recipes, tablescapes, decorating ideas, etc. Everything I write about is something I’ve worn or done to make my life and the lives of those in my world, more FUN! Come join me on this fun and fabulous ride!


Dr. Julie

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