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Have you ever been to the La Quinta Farmers Market?

Are you a Farmers Market goer?

Do you have Farmer’s Markets in your area?

I think it’s time for a confession.

I have a VERY FUN life.

I even entitled this blog, “Dr. Julie’s Fun Life”.

And yet, I haven’t been showing you enough of the very fun things I do EVERY WEEK to have that very fun and full life.

I am so sorry that I have been so remiss.

I am now making a pledge to my faithful readers to start sharing more of the adventures that I go on as often as possible.

Am I forgiven?

Let’s start with the La Quinta Farmers Market. La Quinta is the town in which I spend my winters with Mr. G.Q. The closest airport is Palm Springs International Airport which is approximately 30 minutes from downtown old La Quinta.

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The La Quinta Farmers Market

The La Quinta Farmers Market happens every Sunday from October through the end of May. The hours are from 8 AM until 1 PM. It’s held in downtown Old La Quinta (78100 Main Street, La Quinta). Old Town La Quinta is a quaint collection of Spanish-style streets filled with shops and restaurants. During the Certified Farmers Market, there are many booths selling gorgeous produce, sweet treats, jewelry, puppy treats, and much more. There is live music that adds to the inviting atmosphere.

Many local farmers and other merchants are happy to make recipe suggestions and even offer samples of their delicious salsas, vegetable salads, and berries. The strawberries in Southern California are truly spectacular! And did you know that 85% of the world’s dates are grown in the Coachella Valley?

Are you thinking, why did I mention Coachella Valley? Is it the same place as the famous annual Coachella and Stagecoach concert series? Yes! Coachella and Stagecoach both take place here in La Quinta about one mile from the La Quinta Farmers Market. Pretty neat, huh?

Photos of the La Quinta Farmers Market

I snapped a few photos of the market. Follow me on Instagram @drjuliemarshall and I will show you some more favorite booths next week!

Here is a gorgeous photo of the sign for the Old Town La Quinta Farmers Market.  The sky is a brilliant blue and the mountains are in the background of the pretty town.

Here is a snapshot of the La Quinta Farmers Market sign. Can you see the Spanish architecture in the surrounding buildings? It’s such a pretty little town. And how about that blue sky? It is frequently just as blue as this photo here in Southern California.

Here is one of several booths jammed with gorgeous local produce

Here is one of several booths jammed with gorgeous local produce! I’ve never seen carrot greens this long and they would make a terrific pesto sauce!

Look at the green of this Swiss chard and the size of the scallions!  The vegetables are displayed on a pretty blue tarp.  Carrots, Swiss chard, celery, and red onions fill the photo.

Look at the green of this Swiss chard and the size of the scallions!

This photo shows an abundance of greens displayed in dark brown bins with the produce filling the photo.

Here are so many types of lettuces and greens to choose from!

Here's a cute booth done in orange plaid with "Muffie's Pup Treats" for sale.

Lots of folks bring their dogs to the markets here in La Quinta. And the puppy treat booth was quite busy!

What to Wear to the La Quinta Farmers Market?

Here I am dressed in white striped linen pants with a slate blue puff-sleeved sweater.  I am wearing Oakley sunglasses, rattan earrings and a tan woven fedora.

Because it is so sunny at the La Quinta Farmers Market, it’s really smart to wear a hat and sunglasses with my ever-present sunscreen. These linen pants are from last year, so I have linked two very similar ones from this year. I added a puff-sleeved sweater as it was only 77 degrees. My sweater is also from Ann Taylor last year, but I have linked a very similar one here.

Here is a close-up of my rattan earrings, amber necklace, and fedora.

For accessories, I wore very inexpensive rattan earrings in a light brown color. They actually come in a package of four pairs for $10.99! I think they look so cute with the fedora hat and sunglasses.

Here is a close-up of my brown tote while I am wearing a fedora and sunglasses.

My sandals are nude flat sandals which is always a good idea when you’re walking around for a long time. My brown tote is a great one to wear with linen pants and my necklace is a little amber beaded one (also very inexpensive, but cute!) that fills in my neckline a bit.

Conclusion to the La Quinta Farmers Market

Have I convinced you to come to the La Quinta Farmers Market? It’s a really fun outing if you happen to be in the Palm Springs area. Let me know if you’ve been here in the comments below.


Dr. Julie

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