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Julie Marshall Brooklyn Bridge

This Memorial Day weekend I went to New York City to visit my youngest son.  When I planned the trip I was nervous about the logistics of staying in my hotel alone.  I arranged to stay one block away from my son’s studio.  

My son was great about making dinner reservations for us.  But as it worked out staying in my hotel worked out beautifully as well. I was able to watch fun movies (Pretty Woman one night and The Parent Trap the next) and take a bubble bath without inconveniencing any one!  It was relaxing and spontaneous and I would recommend trying this type of solo travel occasionally.

In this first photo we were walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.  The weather was gorgeous and there were many families on the same trek.  My son and I had such a great time walking and catching up on each of our lives.

Because I knew I would be walking a LOT I elected to wear my very comfy Brooks black athletic shoes.  We actually walked 22,000 steps this day!  I chose a classic JCrew navy striped tee with my favorite JJill blue jean leggings.  The wash is dark and flattering and the stretch allows for a neat fit all day long! My purse is a brown-trimmed black crossbody bag by Michael Kors.  I  usually wear crossbody bags when in crowded spots as it leaves my hands free and is secure.  To complete my outfit I wore a hot pink, navy and white linen scarf that I found last year in a little gift shop.  I always enjoy picking up scarves when I see one in my favorite colors. I think they complete a look and can be worn in so many fun ways. 

The second photo is the iconic Empire State Building all lit up for the holiday.  What a visual treat to end this memorable day! Happy Memorial Day! 🇺🇲

Memorial Day - Dr Julie Marshall


Brooklyn Bridge - Dr Julie Marshall

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