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Sunday Spring Supper

Many Sunday nights my husband and I have dinners for our family. We recently purchased a home in California and we actually wintered there. So today is our first Chicago Sunday Supper of the year! We arrived home this past week and decided to jump right in a have a dinner.


Hoisin and honey pork tenderloin

Nectarine and Scallion relish

Parmesan roasted asparagus

Mixed berry crumble

The way I enjoy entertaining is by spreading out the prep work over several days. This way it’s not so overwhelming.

So on Thursday I made up the menu and grocery list. On Friday I grocery shopped, arranged the flowers, and set the table. Saturday I made the dessert and marinade for the meat.

Sunday I made the nectarine salad, cooked the pork tenderloin, the Parmesan asparagus, and heated up the bread. Right before we sat down to eat I popped the crumble in the oven to cook for thirty minutes while we enjoyed our meal. Every one enjoyed themselves and then hurried home to watch The Game of Thrones finale!

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