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When I visited my brother last week in Greensboro, Georgia he mentioned he wanted to invite some friends over for dinner.  I asked what he would like me to make he said how about an appetizer, a salad, a side, and a dessert?  I laughed and said it was a good thing I like to entertain and thank goodness for the Internet as I don’t travel with my recipes!

Early in the day we made the Lacy Cheddar Crisps.  We also put store bought olives on a beautiful glass tray that the guests had brought. For the salad we made the dressing, sliced up the hard-boiled egg, and chopped up the bacon. We sliced the tomatoes and seasoned them with the olive oil and Italian seasoning. We made the batter for the dessert and popped it into the frig.

We set the table with black cotton placemats and added black and white paisley dish towels that we found at a cute store in Madison, Georgia.  This all coordinated with the black and white buffalo checked chairs and white lacquered table.  Once we saw the completed table we decided to “dress the part” of a black and white dinner.  My brother and his lovely girlfriend dressed in black and white shorts and tops.  I wore a black and white animal print tunic from White House Black Market (old) with black leggings. I wore black leather sandals by Beautifeet.

My brother grilled the steaks and while he was doing that we reheated the dressing and assembled the salad.  (My brother had cooked the tomatoes while we were out shopping.). We took the batter out of the frig and poured it into white paper cupcake liners to bake off after dinner.  

The dinner was a success and fun was had by all!

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