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It’s Friday which is time for Fun Friday Finds. This week I’ll be discussing Guest Room Essentials. Please FOLLOW ME (below) on this blog as well as on Instagram @drjuliemarshall. Thank you!

It’s June and that means summer vacations and having friends and family to visit. In this post, I will show you my list of guest room essentials so as to make hosting everyone a breeze. When I stocked my guest room, I tried to consider all the things that nice hotels have to make my stay more enjoyable.

What items do you love finding in a nice hotel room? Are you a fan of extra blankets, extra pillows, new shampoos, soaps, and lotions to try? Isn’t it great when the Wifi password is easily accessible and visible without having to call the front desk? See if my list of guest room items resonates with you. And let me know anything I forgot in the comments below. Thanks!

In this post...

Item #1 Luggage Rack (Guest Room Essentials)

I don’t know about you, but I always am reluctant to put my suitcase on my host’s pretty bed to unpack. It’s been on planes, and buses, and is not brand-new. Thus, I love a luggage rack. This one is so sturdy with its canvas straps and non-skid feet. It’s big enough to have an open suitcase on it so a guest can avoid unpacking completely if they so choose. And, it’s easily foldable to store in the closet once the guests depart.

Item #2 Hangers (Guest Room Essentials)

This drives me crazy when I go to a hotel room and they don’t have enough hangers. Although most of my closet hangers are velvet, I also use clear plastic hangers especially to hang up jackets, skirts, and hangers. I actually ordered both the plain plastic hangers as well as the ones with the clips because I use the latter with skirts, pants, and shorts. I prefer these clear ones as they are so sturdy in my closet.

Item #3 Makeup Removal Hand Towels (Guest Room Essentials)

Aren’t these the greatest?! I wear eye makeup every day and I KNOW how difficult it is to remove it from white washcloths and towels. So these darling black cotton “Makeup” hand towels are the PERFECT solution. I leave them out in plain view if I know my guests are also makeup wearers. You will thank me for this recommendation!

Item #4 Blow Dryer (Guest Room Essentials)

A blow dryer is a basic guest room essential. I have this basic one and it does the job. If someone needs a special one, they frequently travel with it. Or they have a blowout while they’re visiting.

Item #5 Fake Fur Throw (Guest Bedroom Essentials)

I love to have extra throws in a guest room because it can be just the thing to use for an afternoon nap or when catching a few minutes of your favorite TV series. This fake fur throw is so soft and cozy, just tossed on a chair or on the end of the bed.

Item #6 Night Light (Guest Room Essentials)

This night light is a key item to have in any guest room. I like this one because it has a motion detector so it pops on when someone enters the room, or when you wake up in the dark to go to the bathroom. This really helps with the disorientation that can occur with travel and waking up in a bed away from home.

Item #7 Robe (Guest Room Essentials)

This robe is a great addition to your guest room. It’s good for cool rooms, heading to the hot tub, and general cozy lounging while away from home. This one is on sale and is so comfy.

Item #8 Phone Charger (Guest Room Essentials)

Did you know that phone chargers are the most common item left behind in any hotel room? It’s true! Your guests will really appreciate your thoughtfulness when you supply this coveted item. Pro-tip: If you are in a hotel and realize that you forgot your charger at home, go to the front desk and ask if anyone left one behind. They will have baskets of them!

Item #9 Data Sheet (Guest Room Essentials)

I make up a sheet in the guest room that has our Wifi password, our network, and our address for guests that might need to have a delivery during their stay. I put it in the bedside table.

Item #10 Really Cute Flowered Top

I love this flowery top from Loft! I think the soft ruffled neckline is very feminine and comfortable. It’s lined for extra coverage but is still a nice lightweight summery top.

OK lovely readers, are you ready for your next visitors? Just pull out this post and you’ll be good to go!

Happy Summer Vacation!


Dr. Julie

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