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It’s time for another edition of Fun Friday Finds and this week I am coming to show you What to Bring to the Beach. As a retired dermatologist and grandmother, I have a bunch of things that make my “what to wear to the beach” list as Mr. G.Q. can attest. Here are my favorite “must-haves” that protect my skin as well as that of my family.

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month which is the perfect time to discuss the need for skin cancer checks. Skin cancer is a disease that is very easily and successfully treated when diagnosed early, and very serious, and potentially fatal when diagnosed late. I recommend that EVERYONE get their skin checked by their dermatologist (not their general doctor, pediatrician, or plastic surgeon) EVERY year. I go to my daughter-in-law (who also is a dermatologist) annually for a head-to-toe skin check.

Here I am in a cute bathing suit telling everyone what to bring to the beach.

A good total body skin exam is characterized by having ALL OF YOUR SKIN CHECKED. That includes every inch of your body including between your toes, under all of your underwear, and even on your scalp. Just as we know to go to the dentist every six months, go to your dermatologist EVERY YEAR!

Here’s my What to Bring to the Beach list:

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Item #1: Miraclesuit Bathing Suit (What to Bring to the Beach)

Here I am in a close-up of my bathing suit telling everyone what to wear to the beach.

This Miraclesuit bathing suit is such a great suit because it has great overall support, with a sweetheart neckline that has flexible wiring in it to hold its shape even when wet. It also has a great waist-whittling pattern that REALLY makes your waist look much smaller than it is. In my 65 years, THIS SUIT is my absolute favorite. It is very comfortable, yet supportive and the floral design is AMAZING. The suit I am wearing is from last year, but the one I am linking is VERY SIMILAR. Same company, but a slightly different, but still very flattering, pattern. Check it out!

Item #2: Fun Beach Tote (What to Bring to the Beach)

Here I am telling the readers about a cute beach tote as something on the list of what to bring to the beach.

I love this tote because it is lightweight, roomy, and has two soft straps which are comfortable when the bag is full of wet towels. The bag is a jute fiber that is laminated on the inside to make it water-resistant. It has a cute pompom keyring as well. Great for carrying everything on my what to bring to the beach list.

Item #3: Waterproof Phone Case (What to Bring to the Beach)

here I am showing two phone cases as something on the list of what to bring to the beach.

Have you ever had your grandkids accidentally throw your phone overboard while on the boat? Or are you someone who loves taking action shots with your family even when they want to splash in the lake? Then you need this set of two waterproof phone cases for your phone and belongings. It even floats if it gets tossed in the pool! And of course, the phone’s features work while in the case.

Item #4: Beach Read (What to Bring to the Beach)

Who doesn’t love a great book at the beach? It’s hard to read an electronic screen at the beach, and this book is so much fun. The title is Beach Read because it’s set at the beach. Lovely romantic fiction by Emily Henry at her best!

Here I am showing a great Beach Read as something on the list of what to bring to the beach.

Item #5: Great and Safe Sunscreen

Here I am a terrific sunscreen on the list of what to bring to the beach.

As I have already mentioned, I am a retired dermatologist. I read articles on sunscreens ALL the time, and the articles confuse ME! There are hundreds of sunscreens on the market, and the studies haven’t conclusively determined which ingredients are the safest for our bodies as well as our environment. That said, HERE is a great sunscreen that is easily available, reasonably priced, highly rated by investigators, easy to rub in, and has an SPF of 50. Buy it! It’s called Thinksport SPF 50.

Item #6: Blue Coolibar Sundress (What to Bring to the Beach)

Here I am wearing a blue SPF50 sundress  as something on the list of what to bring to the beach

I love this dress/coverup especially for walking on the beach or going to lunch at a resort. It’s a pretty color (comes in lots of other colors and patterns), it’s a comfy knit and has SPF 50. I like the hood when it’s windy and it looks great with lots of suits.

Item #7: Great and Cute Sun hat (What to Bring to the Beach)

Here I am wearing a sunhat as something on the list of what to bring to the beach.

This Wallaroo hat is so stylish, yet also carries an SPF 50 rating. It’s so easy to wear even with its wide brim. It has both a bit of cream and white in it so it goes with everything summer. It’s adjustable for head size, comes in many other colors, and is 100% packable.

Item #8: Favorite Sunglasses (What to Bring to the Beach)

Here I am wearing a pair of dark sunglasses as something on the list of what to bring to the beach.

I bought these sunglasses 3 years ago and they are still very much in style. They are comfy, stylish, polarized, and go with lots of different outfits.

Item #9: Rash Guard (What to Bring to the Beach)

When I go IN the water with the grandkids, or for a water aerobics class, I wear a Coolibar shirt called a rash guard. It can get wet and still protect my skin with an SPF 50. Easy to wear, wring out, and pack. Very useful in avoiding sunburns. I also wear this when I go for walks in the hot summer.

Here I am wearing a pink rashguard SPF 50 as something I would bring to the beach.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Dr. Julie’s Fun Friday Finds – What to Bring to the Beach. I hope you found this post, and video helpful. Please share it with your friends that want to protect their skin. I hope you have fun EVERY day, especially this Sunday. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and grandmoms out there.


Dr. Julie

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