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I love a really sparkly Christmas tree. Over the years I have learned a few tips that really add to the shimmery quality I love. I start with an artificial tree from Balsam Hill. I learned about them from all my favorite Hallmark Christmas movies which feature many products from this company.

My tree is several years old, but still in great shape. It came pre-lit and is easy to assemble as it’s in three graduated pieces that fit one on top of the other. It comes with a green sturdy stand that you can see in some of the photos.

Another feature I love is the fact that the tree cord has a foot pedal so that I can just step on it every night rather than crawling under the tree to turn it off and on. (You don’t need to use an artificial tree to achieve a sparkly look.

Just use a bunch of white lights and be sure to apply the lights evenly. The advantage of my tree, is that it’s easy, not messy, and consistently beautiful.) Here’s a link to my favorite extension cord with the footswitch.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

After the tree is assembled in the stand with the lights on, I went to work. The first item I added to the tree was a bunch of gold sparkly ribbon bows that I applied to the tree with green wires. The bows stay on from year to year as I wire them on tightly. The gold color reflects the lights and makes the tree more lit up.

The next tip is subtle but kind of cool. Most trees (even artificial ones) show some of the trunk. On an artificial one, it makes the tree look fake. So I purchased some gold lame fabric from Amazon and I cut it into varying strips.

I then just knotted the various pieces of fabrics as shown in the photo. Then I shoved the swaths in among the branches to mask any trunk showing or any sparse areas. Again the gold color and the reflective quality of the lame really add a glamorous look to the tree.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

To cover the tree stand, I do two things. First, I apply a simple gold tree skirt, which looks okay but kind of one-dimensional. Then to add some more magic, I purchased (again from Amazon) some gold organza fabric. I used the whole roll (27 yards!) which seemed like a lot, but since the fabric is so filmy and light, it really wasn’t too much. I just gently draped this sheer material over the skirt, fluffing it as I went. I love how this looks because it’s so mounded and festive.

The last steps involved making a plaid wired ribbon bow with streamers that I wired to the tree top. Then this year, on top of that, I added a silver sheer wired star.

I hope you love my sparkly tree as much as I do and learned how to decorate a Christmas tree! Some years this is as far as I decorate. Other years, when the kids were bigger, I added more ornaments and balls.

But what’s great about this tree, is everything is very sturdy and doesn’t take a lot of special care to put away. Many years, the gold bows and lame strips stay on when I put the tree away, making the following holiday season even easier. This year I redid it all so I could illustrate my post. Please let me know your thoughts and any tree trimming tips you have for me. Happy decorating!


Dr. Julie

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