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Last week my eldest daughter brought her hubby and her two little guys out for a week visit. Boy was it ever busy! Here’s Jack the two and a half year old sampling one of the Valentine’s Day cookies he and I made. He’s wearing his cute dinosaur pajamas from Hanna Anderson. (I LOVE Hanna Anderson clothes because they last FOREVER!!!! I’ve been buying them for thirty years!!!)




I had made the sugar cookie dough before their visit and froze it. Once they arrived, I thawed the dough and rolled it out so that Jack could use the heart-shaped cutters to cut the dough. Then the real fun began when Jack was in charge of sprinkling the cookies with sanding sugar. Yikes, what a mess! As you can see in the photos, he LOVED pouring out the red sugar! In the last photo above you can see the great Nora Fleming melamine platter and the fun heart-shaped Nora Fleming “mini”. I really love these little decorative pieces that I interchange with all the entertaining I do. (Here’s a kiss-shaped mini for Valentine’s Day and a Nora Fleming pedestal cake plate.)





During our week we went to the Living Desert which is a zoo not too far from our La Quinta, California home. Above you can see how Jack measured up to the kangaroo, as well as the two of us attempting to feed the giraffe some lettuce!


Grandpa (alias: Mr. G.Q.) went on on walk to see the ducks with Baby Connor.



The ducks were glad to be fed. Here’s a photo of the young family.


Here Jack and I made cake pops. They’re super easy to make. You just put 52 oreos in a food processor and grind them until they’re chocolate crumbs. Then you add an 8 ounce package of fully softened Philadelphia cream cheese to the crumbs while pulsing the crumbs with the food processor until well combined. Then Jack and I rolled the dough into balls and then rolled them in sprinkles. Jack was hilarious and I actually have a video that I’ll put up tomorrow on Instagram (@drjuliemarshall) that shows Jack actually making cake POOPS! He started rolling the dough into little logs instead of balls thereby making cake poops! Ahhh, 2 year old humor…


Our last craft project of the week was to make these darling red yarn Love Monsters. I learned of this project from a fun Instagram site (Tiffany Wilson is the mom to three year old Clover and she makes the most creative crafts with her kid.) The monsters are based on the book Love Monster by Rachel Bright. It’s a sweet board book that any baby through three year old would love to have read to them. I think board books are great because they’re so sturdy and they stand up to lots of wear and tear from the little ones. Aren’t these monsters so cute?


Here’s the last photo of the rugrats. They’re posing in my courtyard wearing their Mickey Mouse sweat shirts from Target and their pajama bottoms from Hanna Anderson. Could they be any cuter?

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Dr. Julie

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