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Every January when I arrive at my California home, I’m faced with the daunting task of unloading my VERY packed car and then organizing my messy closet. I have found that I prefer doing such a project in a fun way.

So this year, I decided to motivate myself by unpacking and organizing my messy closet while viewing a Hallmark movie, which was aptly named, “Once Upon a Christmas Miracle”. Here’s how my method worked: First of all, I recorded the movie on my DVR. For all the Hallmark film aficionados, you know that the movie format always opens with a 20-minute commercial-free segment, in which they hope to “hook you” with their lovely romantic plot.

During that part of the show, I relax and enjoy the story. Once the first commercial occurs, I spring into action. I know I have four minutes to start my closet project. (Full disclosure dictates that I didn’t start the movie until I had already unloaded my very messy car somewhere into my closet on the previous day.)

As you can see from the three photos above, My car was pretty crammed with stuff. We spend five months here in La Quinta, California and during that time the temperatures swing from the high 30s at night up to 110 by the time we depart in late May. And as you lovely followers know, I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger, so I have to be prepared with lots of options…

My Messy Closet

Now when you look at this “before” photo, you might not be impressed with my messiness. But please appreciate that this is just all of my clothes and accessories hung willy nilly with NO system. So THIS was where I started during the first commercial.

In the first four minutes, I moved all the accessories out into the hall. I then unpacked all the booties and shoes and placed them neatly in rows under the hanging clothes. This went quickly. Then back to the movie which I think ran for about 8 or so minutes.

messy closet

In the last photo, I put clear acrylic dividers on the purse shelf so that all the purses are separated and therefore more likely to be used by me. I really like these as they keep the little cute bags from being overlooked by me.

Next, I spent each four-minute commercial break for the rest of the movie dashing into my closet and rearranging the clothes. I actually organized each section by tops, pants, skirts, sweaters, dresses, and exercise clothes. Then I estimated which section of the closet would accommodate which big group of items. Then I put all of each item in one section. Lastly, I then ordered these items by color, sleeve length, or pant length.

Since I knew that all these clothes fit, I didn’t need to sort out those items that need to be given away, sold, mended, or thrown away. For the most practical use of your closet space, this would be a great step to take. For more on this take a look at my previous messy closet blogs for ideas and hopefully, motivation.

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Well, once again it was a Christmas miracle that I was able to organize my closet during one Hallmark movie. What do you think of my method for closet organizing? Would you give it a try? Tell me your thoughts and/or ideas below. Thanks!


Dr. Julie

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