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Do you have a Coastal Grandma in your life?

Do you need help with a Coastal Grandma Gift Guide?

I’ve got you covered with some of the most thoughtful, and since I speak from “grandma experience”, a collection of much beloved Christmas presents for Grandma.

The term Coastal Grandma is a very new one on the social media scene. TikTok Influencer Lex Nicoleta first coined the term in April of 2022. She says, “the term suggests if you love Nancy Meyers movies, coastal vibes, recipes, cooking, Ina Garten, cozy interiors, and more – there’s a chance you might be a coastal grandmother.”

But rest assured, even if you’re just a regular grandma, most of us love thoughtful gifts that don’t take up much space, maybe add a touch of luxury to our day, and hopefully make us smile. That’s what this gift guide covers.

Let’s get to the goods:

Here's the perfect Coastal Grandma Gift Guide.  There are 9 fun, thoughtful. and lovely presents for the grandmas in your life.

In this post...

Coastal Grandma Gift Guide – GREAT Christmas Presents for Grandma that she will LOVE!

1. A Beautiful Personalized Mug:

The cool grandmas that I know (either Coastal or otherwise), start their day with a favorite hot beverage. Maybe some hazelnut coffee, or Chai tea? Why not do things right, with this gorgeous personalized mug?

A gorgeous, personalized mug to start your day off right.

2. These darling Navy Silky Pajamas:

And it only seems right that classy silky pajamas (similar, here) should be worn while drinking the morning beverage while planning the day ahead.

Pretty silky navy silky pajamas to wear while lounging by the pool, or maybe the fire.

3. The Perfect Monogrammed Robe:

A robe is ALWAYS a good idea and look how well it coordinates with the mug and navy pajamas!

A classic white monogrammed robe with crisp blue piping.
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4. The Latest Thriller by Ina Garten!:

Gotcha! Ina’s my favorite cookbook author and I am always truly delighted to give or receive a cookbook from this entertaining guru. She has gorgeous photos with EVERY recipe and very easy-to-follow instructions. (Grandmas like me, love to plan early in the day what’s for dinner before I head out to get the fun ingredients, maybe at the local farmstand or farmer’s market!). Ina Garten is the embodiment of a coastal grandma even though she doesn’t have any kids. It’s her wonderful vibe that embraces fun, entertaining, gathering friends, etc.

Her cookbook is “go-to dinners”. Don’t we all need more of those?

The latest Barefoot Contessa cookbook, "Go-to Dinners".

5. Then there’s the So Sweet Heart-Shaped Handled Spoons:

My four-year-old grandson, Jack frequently tells me that he LOVES all of my recipes. I love hearing that, and I tell all my family that the secret ingredient in all my dishes is love! So how can one go wrong with these terrific heart-handled wooden spoons?

Heart-shaped handles on these beautiful wooden spoons.

6. Tartan Plaid Apron and Oven Mitt:

I am definitely an apron wearer as I am kind of a messy cook. I like my outfits to stay cute, so, aprons are the WAY TO GO! And this darling one has a great wintery plaid as well as a matching oven mitt. Win-win!

A wintery tartan plaid apron and oven mitt.

7. Cozy Throws:

Ok, so it’s late afternoon, and maybe time for a little nap. The groceries are in the fridge and you are feeling a little sleepy. How about curling up on the comfy couch with one of these luxurious throws? And maybe, before you drift off you could look at item number 8…

A pile of cozy throws to use while napping or relaxing.

8. This Gorgeous Book of Lovely Interiors:

I mean if you’re going to drift off, why not have a little inspiration? This book is just the ticket! And it’s so blue and white for more of that “coastal” vibe!

A gorgeous entertaining book.

9. The Classic Vintage-Inspired Christmas Ornament:

I LOVE this ornament! It’s so sweet and nostalgic and reminiscent of an earlier, simpler time. I bet the grandmas in your life would love it too.

Here is the sweetest vintage red truck with Christmas tree ornament.  A classic!

That’s a wrap! I hope you loved my Coastal Grandma Gift guide because I think it’s chock full of the perfect gifts that most grandmas would love to receive for a Christmas or Holiday gift! Let me know in the comments below if you agree. Which item would you want on your list for Santa?


Dr. Julie

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