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Are you a travel lover?

Or maybe a travel liker?

Or do you HATE leaving your humble home?

(I will show you a bunch of fun gifts for people who like to travel.)

Well, I am a travel liker, who hates not having all her favorite things when she leaves home.

I was never officially a Girl Scout, but I am probably one in my heart. I love to be prepared. Even though most of my destinations have a Walgreens or CVS within a few blocks…

So the list I’ve prepared is all the fantastic items I have found that are all great gifts for people who like to travel. (And, even for those less travel-inclined readers, these things might make you more comfortable when you do HAVE to travel). See if you agree:

Here is a collage of the 10 items on my Gifts for travel lovers gift guide.  These are useful, practical gifts for people who like to travel.

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Gifts for Travel Lovers

Item #1:Travel Jewelry Organizer-

This first item on the list of gifts for people who like to travel is a small, but mighty jewelry organizer. It comes in lots of colors and easily organizes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and more. There are zippered sections as well as snaps to secure pieces. Small enough for your carry-on.

Item #2: TSA-Approved Travel Bottles

I love these leak-proof travel bottles. The openings are larger than most, so easy to fill and clean. They are TSA approved and the various colors are great, too.

Item #3: Large Toiletry Bag

Isn’t this hanging travel toiletry bag something!? I love that it hangs on a hook as most hotel bathrooms do NOT have enough counter space! There are lots of sections for toiletries and make-up. Mine just arrived for my upcoming December trip to NYC. I can’t wait to pack it!

Item #4: Seam Ripper

This seam ripper saves my life several times a week. It easily cuts tags out of clothes, even those really pesky side seam ones. It also helps open pill packets and medication packaging without the need for a scissor. I love it!

Item #5: Tide to Go Sticks

These are also pure gold! I love these as stocking stuffers as well. These Tide to Go Sticks really do the trick to spot-treat some spaghetti sauce on your light shirt, or some other annoying little spot you didn’t see until you were in your hotel room.

Item #6: Packing Cubes

Do you know about packing cubes? These very lightweight items come in a set of various sizes. They allow you to pack by outfits, or by days on a trip, thereby allowing you the opportunity to organize your suitcase so you can just pull out the pouch you need rather than unpacking everything just to get new socks! I love them. I use them to pre-pack. For example, I’ll put all my exercise outfits together (sox, bra, top, leggings). I can pack those several days before a trip. Same with underwear, bras, and sox). Brilliant!

Item #7: Wall Charger for Phone, Tablet, iPad

Did you know that phone chargers are the number one item left behind in hotel rooms? Yup, it’s true. This one is sturdy and easy to pack. It’s also what I use to connect Item #8 to power.

Item #8: Wireless Charger with Fast Charging Ability

Several of my kids were visiting recently and saw this magnetic phone charger in their guest room. They loved it! (Think awesome stocking stuffer!). It’s compatible with iPhones and AirPods. To attach it to power, I use Item #7.

Item #9: Electronic Organizer Pouch

I love this bag as it holds my cords, chargers, and AirPods. It’s so great. You need this if you have too many electronics!

Item #10: Cashmere Poncho

This cashmere poncho has saved me in so many airports and on so many planes. It is lightweight but warm. It easily stuffs into my carry-on. It comes in so many colors. I like black the best as it hides any stains. The traveler in your life will thank you for this one!!


When you travel, it’s so nice to have your stuff organized. Everything is in its own place. It helps decrease the stress of travel and long layovers. I own every single thing on this list and use all of them on every trip. Maybe, so should you.

Happy Traveling!


Dr. Julie

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