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Bubba is here wearing his Xmas collar while I am sporting a black watch plaid wrap.  Both of us are getting in the spirit for buying great gifts for dog lovers.

Great Gifts for Dog Lovers Introduction

In this post I have put together a list of great gifts for dog lovers. Dogs are considered, rightfully so, to be man’s best friends. And in view of that esteemed title, here is a list of great gifts for dog lovers. I have had two dogs and they truly enriched my life. They can’t speak for the most part, but boy can they communicate in other creative ways! See if this list of gifts doesn’t bring a smile to your lips and make you remember your very best buddy this upcoming Holiday season.

Gift List:

Here's my gentle giant dog Bubba with grandson Jack where they're both coming up with more items for the great gifts for dog lovers list.

My gift list begins with clothes for dog lovers. There are so many funny, sweet and/or sarcastic items of clothing for dog lovers. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Women’s Only Talking to My Dog Today Funny Shirts Dog Lovers Cool T Shirt

Vintage lightweight fitted tees are made from ring-spun cotton to get that comfortable fit and feel. Isn’t it true? Aren’t there days that you just don’t want to hear any backtalk from anybody? If so, buy and wear this fun dog lover t shirt!

2. Dog Mom Vintage Jeans Adjustable Baseball Cap Cotton Denim Dad Hat

I love to wear a hat when I walk the dog. First for the sun, and of course, to cover my messy bedhead hair! Don’t you smile when you see someone wearing dog mom clothes?

3.Sorry I’m Late I Saw A Dog Pullover Hoodie

This sweatshirt for dog lovers really cracked me up! So true! Try this one next time you’re late for dinner…

4. When You Love a Dog — A gift book for dog owners and dog lovers everywhere

Books for dog lovers abound. This one was given high reviews for its heartfelt qualities.

5. Dog Gift Basket with Durable Dog Toys 

When you can’t pick just one gift for your puppy or for the dog lover in your life, go with this gift basket for dog lovers! You can’t go wrong!

6. Dog lover T shirt The Dogfather T shirt

What dad doesn’t like the Godfather? And with this darling tee, your dog’s dad can have his favorite buddy with him while he watches his favorite movie!

7. Free Kisses Mistletoe Merry Christmas Dog Bandana

Isn’t this a sweet message? I love a cute dog bandana!

8. Natural Dog Company Paw Soother Trial Stick, Heals Dry, Cracked, Irritated Dog Paw Pads

If you live in a place where it gets cold and snowy, you need to protect your fur baby’s paws. Here’s the answer.

9. Pooper/Scooper Matching Dog Shirt & Owner T-Shirt

Did you know that matching shirts for dog and owner are a BIG thing? I didn’t until I started researching great gifts for dog lovers. Aren’t these sets hilarious?

10.  Must Love Dogs Welcome Mat

This welcome mat says it all! Must love dogs to enter! A wonderful message to ensure a wonderful life!

Above is my youngest daughter with our first golden, Rosie.

And my youngest son with our stuffed golden, just for fun!

Well lovely readers, now you have my fun list of great gifts for dog lovers. Which item(s)? are your favorite(s)? Let me know in the comments below.


Dr. Julie

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