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Summer is the most popular time of year for weddings, but engagements happen all year so I’ve come up with a bunch of Bride Gift Ideas for the brides-to-be in your life. Getting engaged to me is sort of like the Thanksgiving of the holidays. By that I mean, that getting engaged is so special and it stands on its own as a very significant time in one’s life. We all know weddings are a VERY BIG DEAL, associated with lots of excitement, planning, and the like. But getting engaged is the first official step toward the wedding and it should be a lovely moment in time. In this post, I will share some bride-to-be suggestions for gifts as well as tips to maintain those lovely manicures.

In this post...

Item #1 Jewelry Cleaner (Bride Gift Ideas):

Here is a great bride-to-be gift.  It's a jewelry cleaner that's so easy and fun to use.  it will make all your jewelry sparkle.

Jewelry Cleaner– This ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is such a wonderful and easy-to-use device. I just add a bit of tap water to it, followed by my jewelry, and press “on”. In a few minutes my jewelry is sparkly clean with no more lotion, sunscreen, or daily grime. I use mine monthly, as well as before a special occasion. I recently saw my daughter-in-law-to-be’s sister (also a newly engaged girl), and she says that she uses her machine every single week! I loved hearing that as it shows how excited she is to show off her sparkly ring!

Item #2 Great Ring Holder (Bride Gift Ideas):

Here is a terrific classic Waterford ring dish as a present for any bride-to-be.  This one is round and it's lovely.

Waterford Ring Holder– I think this is my favorite gift to give a newly engaged bride-to-be. I love the timelessness of a Waterford crystal ring dish. I have this on my vanity sink and every time I see it, it makes me smile.

Item #3 Future Mrs. Teeshirt (Bride Gift Ideas):

Future Mrs. Tee ShirtThis personalized tee shirt is so sweet. My son’s fiancee, Rachel had this top on this past weekend which we all spent at the Jersey Shore. I got such a charge out of seeing this fun tee on her. It made me happy to see her wearing something to celebrate the upcoming Big Day!

Item #4 Terrific Nude Nail Polish (Bride Gift Ideas):

Here is a terrific gift or maybe even early stocking stuffer for the bride in your life that wants to wear a very classic, neutral manicure to show off her sparkly engagement ring.

Mademoiselle Nail Polish by Essie: This is such a classic neutral nail polish which works well to show off your engagement ring. It’s a pale pinky-beige that goes with many skin tones. I think it’s so pretty to show off your pretty hands and engagement bling by wearing a soft polish color, which allows the ring to shine.

Item #5 Great Top and Base Coat (Bride Gift Ideas):

This Dabu nail hardener is a terrific product that acts as a nail hardener, a base coat, and as a top coat.  It really helps your pedicure last even on trips to the beach.

Dabu Nail Hardener: I love this product! I use it every time I get a pedicure as both my base coat and as my top coat. It really helps prevent chipping of my toes, even when at the beach. It can also be used with one’s manicure, but I am not sure if it works with gel manicures.

Item #6 Best Cuticle Remover (Bride Gift Ideas):

This cuticle remover is a terrific item to have in your travel bag as it gently removes rough cuticles.  Be sure to check with your internist before using if you suffer from diabetes or circulation problems.

Sally Hansen Problem Cuticle Remover: Who doesn’t love a new manicure? All your nails are smooth, and shiny and your cuticles are soft and pretty. But then, as the week wears on, those pesky cuticles start to get dry and rough. What’s a girl to do? Apply a drop of this cuticle remover to the uneven areas. Take a few minutes to say, brush your teeth. Then, voila! Rinse for your fingers and the roughness is gone, like magic. I ALWAYS have this in my travel make-up bag because, I use it on the go. I also use it when I get a slightly ingrown toenail. By applying a drop to the tender spot, I use it for just a few minutes and the thick skin resolves.**

** Before using this product, be sure to check with your podiatrist or internist if you suffer from foot problems or diabetes.

Item # 7 Manicure Tool Set (Bride Gift Ideas)

A manicure set of your very own is much safer than using the tools at your salon.  Consider getting this as it will decrease your chances of obtaining an infection.

Manicure Tool Set: As a retired dermatologist, I treated many nail infections. These frequently occurred because of non-sterile nail tools used at the nail salons. Unfortunately, many salons do not have the appropriate level of cleanliness and they transmit infections, such as fungal infections, bacterial infections, and warts, to name just a few diagnoses. I, therefore, ALWAYS bring my own tools to the salon. Here is a kit that contains all the appropriate tools, all in a neat carrying case. Check it out!

OK lovely readers, that’s a wrap! I hope you have enjoyed this edition of Dr. Julie’s Fun Friday Finds. Being a bride-to-be is such a special phase in one’s life and it should be celebrated. In addition, we can all use these helpful and practical items in our every day lives.


Dr. Julie

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