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Hello Lovely Readers! Happy New Year’s Day! Usually, I am just sleepy on this holiday, but this year I am also excited to start the new year! I am looking forward to many happy upcoming experiences this year. As my friend, Jerry Posner often points out to me, in order to have “Dr. Julie’s fun and full life”, I am obliged to have just that! In that vein, I thought I would share a delightful list for 2021 of Jerry’s daily reminders for a stellar year. Jerry is an inspirational speaker that I met several years ago at Canyon Ranch. Subsequent to meeting him, I struck up a relationship with him whereby he and I talk every month or so, discussing ways to make our lives more rich and happy. See what you think of his list. He actually comes up with these lists every year and they just keep improving.

Isn’t this a great list? I would love to hear from you as to which suggestions resonate the most with you. Please feel free to tell me in the comments below.

Have a happy and healthy new year! We all are interested in this after 2020, so let’s do all we can to find happiness in the smallest of things.


Dr. Julie

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