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Is it still cool or downright cold where you live?

Do you want a fun tone-on-tone white jeans outfit for winter to wear right now?

And how would you feel if the sweater-blazer used to complete this look was under $50 but looked like the very similar J Crew Juliette sweater that goes for $158? My piece is such high-quality but it is a much better choice for me as it doesn’t have any wool to scratch my neck.

Last fall, I bought the J Crew version because so many of my favorite bloggers were singing its praises. Unfortunately, it itched me like crazy (I can only wear soft cashmere wool), and I needed to return it!

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White Jeans Outfit for Winter

Here is a first view of a white jeans outfit for winter.  It's a full view and shows the tonal look from head-to-toe.

/Sweater-blazer /Purse/ Turtleneck/ Booties/ Sunglasses/ Earrings/

I love putting together this look! I love how the white jeans blend so well with the cream turtleneck, tan booties, and the great sweater blazer. I like the patch pockets for my sunglasses. My bag is a favorite of mine from Patricia Nash. I prefer cross-body bags when wearing layers as it helps keep the pieces all in line. It is a sleek bag that easily holds my credit cards, phone, and lipstick. Check it out here.

Special Tips on White Jeans

Can you wear white jeans in winter? Absolutely! The tradition of wearing white jeans only from Memorial Day until Labor Day has been effectively removed from acceptable fashion trends for some time now.

How to wear white jeans in winter is a frequently asked question. I believe it is important to take into consideration that you want the winter look to look “cozier” than when wearing the jeans in the summertime. I like the use of booties, boots, chunky sweaters, or various layers for winter outfits.

Please note that throughout this post under “Shop the Look”, I have linked either the exact item if it is still available, or similar items. Concerning the white jeans, I have specifically linked several of my favorite white jeans for you to consider. I have all of these in my wardrobe because I LOVE the look of white jeans all year long!

Also, please realize that in most instances it looks best to size up one size in white jeans to make for a more flattering fit. Don’t feel bad about going up a size to look good. No one knows your size, and they ONLY notice if your pants look too tight!

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Here is a close-up of the white jeans outfit for winter with me at my front door.

/Sweater-blazer /Purse/ Turtleneck/ Booties/ Sunglasses/ Earrings/

This closer photo shows how cute my boots look with just a bit of ankle peeking out from the hem of my white denim. Most women have the smallest part of their legs at their ankles. So, show it off if that works for you!

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This is a close-up of my tan suede booties/


This close-up of my tan suede booties again shows a slight gap between the booties and the jeans. You could also wear your jeans longer if you prefer. I am 5’4″ and these jeans were cropped.

I am a big fan of suede booties as I like how soft and comfortable suede is compared to smooth calf leather.

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Here is a different full-length shot of my tonal white jeans outfit for winter.

/Sweater-blazer /Purse/ Turtleneck/ Booties/ Earrings/

This last shot shows the white jeans outfit for winter from a different view. Does it work for you? I think wearing all one-tone is a way to look taller and slimmer because your eye doesn’t need to stop to take in any part of the outfit. Notice how a tone-on-tone relies on the use of varying shades of white, cream, and tan. The items don’t need to match exactly. I think the outfit is richer with the subtle color differences.

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What do you think of this tone-on-tone white jeans outfit for winter? Does it work for you? (Let me know in the comments below.) think it looks cohesive and sophisticated. A white jeans outfit for winter, in my opinion, is more unexpected than in the warmer months. That makes it more interesting and fun to wear.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog about wearing white jeans outfits for winter! Have a wonderful weekend!

Don’t forget to keep scrolling to the very end of this post. I have posted photos of the various items that I wore as well as similar ones. Click on the photos to see the details.


Dr. Julie

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