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How to Create a Thanksgiving Tablescape

Introduction to how to create an Elegant Fall/ Thanksgiving Tablescape

Here is how to create an elegant Fall/Thanksgiving tablescape.  I took photos at several stages of the table setting so you can see what I did. Pro-Tip: I typically set my table up a week ahead of the event so that I can walk by it and see how pretty and fun it looks. Plus, I feel like I’m “on top of my game”!

I start by putting a solid tan tablecloth over the table.  Here is a similar one (on sale today!).  I frequently use this tan cloth because it’s neutral and goes under many different color tablecloths.  Many of my favorite table linens are squares and by putting the big tan cloth down first I can still use these square cloths on my rectangular table.  I typically place the square cloth in the middle of the table at an angle. Here’s a similar tablecloth.

The reason I used the tan cloth with this pumpkin 🎃 top tablecloth is that it’s a little short for the ends of my table.  See how in this photo the table end is easily covered by the tan cloth.

Next, I layered these oval rattan placemats.  I love these because they add texture to my table setting and they are easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Then I put a garland of leaves down the center.  I  bent it into a slight “S” shape so as to soften the garland and allow room for the other decorations.

Next, I added seven little real pumpkins and glass votives.  This combination gives more autumnal notes and soft low non-obtrusive candlelight.  A cool trick for stuck-on candle wax in the votives is to place the holders in the freezer for five or so minutes.  Remove them from the freezer and turn them upside down.  The old wax pops right out!  I buy a big box of votive candles here and they last for several years.  If the grandkids are coming, I just switch to battery-operated ones which look terrific!

Lastly, I set the table with orange embroidered linen napkins, silverware from our grandma, and cream dishes from Williams and Sonoma (old).  I placed a few turkeys 🦃 down the garland and wine glasses 🍷 which were from Crate and Barrel (old).  The final touch was a cute little place card turkey made out of this cupcake 🧁 liners, white mini liners, and construction paper.  Isn’t the table so festive? 

Conclusion to how to create an Elegant Fall/ Thanksgiving Tablescape

 How do you like to decorate your table? Please give me new ideas (maybe for next year 🍁🦃🍽)!

So if you have a second, please comment below and tell me how you like to set your table for Thanksgiving. Check out the turkey timeline posts here: How to Plan for Thanksgiving (Part One), and How to Plan for Thanksgiving (Part Two).

Happy Turkey Day to all of you lovely readers! I’m so grateful to all of you!


Dr. Julie

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