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In this post, I will show you How to Organize Accessories in a Messy Closet. In an earlier post, (Messy Closet, Part One) where I began cleaning my messy closet, I began my closet reboot and successfully organized my clothing but the other helpful task to do involved figuring out a system to straighten out my accessories.  Here we go with that part of the closet clean-up.

How to Organize Accessories in a Messy Closet

As any fashionista knows accessories make the look.  But many times we reach for the same look because it’s easy and we’re just not sure where that other scarf is hidden.  But I have found that taking the time to organize your loot is time well spent.  See if any of my solutions resonate with you.  I would love to hear your comments!!

How to Organize Accessories in a Messy Closet

Here are the steps I took to organize accessories in my closet.

    1.    Again I started by removing from my closet all my shawls, scarves, belts, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, shoes, boots, hats and purses, and extra toiletries. 

Scarves organized on velvet hangers by color.

2. I have found that “out of sight” really ends up being “out of my wardrobe”. If you must keep your handbags and shoes in boxes, take the time to snap a photo of each item and print them out on regular paper. Then tape the photos on the boxes.

Purses and belts organized on tie racks.

    3.    Sort through every item and as with your clothing into four categories: “to throw away”, “to give away”, “to repair”, and “to keep”.  With accessories, I don’t subscribe to the rule of discarding items not worn in the past year.  Accessories for the most part should be kept indefinitely unless you hate the way the item looks or makes you feel when you wear it or if you have duplicates.

Purses organized on a pegged strip.

    4.    Now look at the “to keep” piles.  As you can see from my photos now you’ll probably need to purchase some organizers, hooks, baskets, etc.  Keep reading for some suggested links.

Sweaters are organized in a hanging organizer.

    5.    For my shawls and wraps, I hung them across velvet hangers by color (first photo above).

6. My scarves, belts, necklaces, and purses I used tie racks.

Belts are organized on a tie rack.
Jewelry is organized on tiered trays.

    7.    For my bracelets and earrings I purchased several tiered trays. How to organize accessories such as jewelry can be tricky. The key is to keep things as visible as possible but also organized so you can find everything easily.

Necklaces are on tie racks.

    8.    I lined my knee-high boots up under my shoe racks and my shoes were lined up with the right shoe facing outward and the left facing inward.  This trick allows you to see the front of the shoe as well as the heel height.  It also allowed me to get two extra pairs of shoes on that shelf.

This is the cutest laundry basket ever!
Isn’t this the cutest laundry basket? I LOVE these laundry baskets! I keep them on the floor of my pantry for dirty cloth napkins and dishtowels. I have them in the laundry room. And when I pack up my car to travel back and forth between California and Chicago, I use these to load up all kinds of things. They are sooooo sturdy and cute!

9. The hats are in a hanging organizer (similar, here).

    10.    The last batch of items I organized was my excess toiletries.  Now that I’m retired from my cosmetic dermatology practice I had to find a system for corralling all those work-related beauty supplies.  In addition, although I LOVE Amazon, I HATE when trying to store excess items such as two extra bottles of shampoo because it was a “better deal” to buy three bottles than one.  And it really makes me crazy when I can’t find the stuff I ordered, so I order more!  

So this problem has been successfully solved now by a trip to Homegoods for a bunch of different-sized baskets and boxes (similar, here, here, and here).  I sorted everything into these bins and because they’re on a higher shelf, I purchased white cardboard tags that I labeled with a black marker.  Don’t they look great! I truly believe that taking time to organize your accessories is time very well spent. Have I convinced you too?

Black and white storage boxes with cardboard labels for excess toiletries.

    11.    Tada!!!  You’re done.  Yay, you! Now your closet is done including the fact that you have learned how to organize accessories. I promise you, this will make putting together outfits, so much more fun!

This is also such an important step when considering how to get your home ready to sell so if you’re about to enter the market, save this guide!

Please let me know in the comments below or DM me @drjuliemarshall as to any other fashion or closet questions. I really enjoy showing others how to organize accessories, closets, outfits, pantries, etc., so any questions will be welcome!


Dr. Julie

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