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Yesterday I went shopping with my girlfriend Linda primarily because I had an online purchase that I needed to return.  We headed over to Palm Desert for lunch and to several of our favorite shops.  And while dashing into the stores we took a quick peek to see if anything interesting was on sale.  And the verdict was: absolutely!!! Here are some Savvy Shopping Tips for The Basics.

Savvy Shopping Tips for The Basics

SAVVY SHOPPER TIP #1 is: when you first enter a store take a few laps around to see if any of your favorite items are on sale.  This is highly likely if you’re shopping on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday as that’s when most stores have their sales.  If you have the flexibility in your schedule, try and shop on those days.

SAVVY SHOPPER TIP #2 is: if you are on a store’s website and an item is full price, pop it in your “cart” and then leave the site.  Frequently you’ll get a “coupon” from the site in a day or two with a discount.  Obviously you need to be patient with this approach.  But it really works!  The other approach is if you’re in the store, go ahead and buy it.  Then head home and check your emails.  I bought a darling Talbots cardigan yesterday at full price 😬 because I thought it was so cute and might sell out.  And then today I got a coupon for 40% off one full price item (for the next four days).  Lucky 🍀 me as I have the time to run back to the shop and then I’ll get the price adjusted.  I love being a Glamma Fashion Blogger because I already love to shop and since I’ve become a blogger, I’m more aware of these shopping tricks.  And I’m happy to pass them on to you, my lovely readers.

Our first stop was Ann Taylor.  After we did my return, we did our quick store run-through and saw these darling Nicole Wavy Suede Block Heel sandals 👡.  They’re on sale 40% off with code FRIENDS40. 

I like them because they’re a great basic.  By that I mean they go with lots of different clothes from dresses 👗 and skirt, to jeans 👖 or even shorts 🩳 .  Since they’re a blush color (called “spiced chai”) they’re neutral.  And the suede fabric is versatile enough to be worn all year round.  

SAVVY SHOPPER TIP #3 is: buy neutral colored basics that go with multiple outfits.  Most of my shoes 👠, and boots 👢 are black or beige in color for this very reason. (I also want to note that the wavy ankle and footbed straps of this particular sandal 👡 are extremely comfortable.  Lastly the block heel is a great stable shape that allows for easy walking.

While at Ann Taylor I also picked up a black Mixed Jersey tank.  This is a great basic for several reasons.  Black is a wonderful neutral color that pairs well with denim, black or grey business wear and even a skirt.    I love the scoop neck as it isn’t too low.  I like the wide straps so that my bra won’t show (a definite pet peeve of mine).  It’s called a mixed Jersey tank because the back is knit but the front is more crepe-like.  This combination makes it look fairly dressy.  Lastly this piece is machine washable and I’ll probably hang it to dry.  

SAVVY SHOPPER TIP #4 is: buy good quality underpinnings.  The tendency is to buy a cheaper camisole or tank, but buying a more substantial tank like this will give you more opportunities for wear (as it can stand alone without a jacket if you like you upper arms) and the fabric will wear better than some of the thinner tanks out there.  Also this is 40% off using code FRIENDS40.

Next stop was JJill where we bought two fantastic basic items.

The first was a pair of oatmeal Wearever Refined Woven Tousers

I LOVE these pants because they fit well, are easily wash and wear, and are neutral enough to go with many items in my closet.  These are finely tailored with pressed front and back creases that give them great polish.  Added stretch makes for comfort all day or evening.  I own several pairs of pants from J.Jill andI think J.Jill’s  pants are terrific!  They’re all on sale at 30% off and if you use your JJill card it’s an additional 5% off.

SAVVY SHOPPER TIP #5: is to buy basic pants in neutral colors that go with lots of items in your wardrobe.  Buying the best quality of these basic items is smart because you’ll wear them a lot (and thus the cost per wear drops) and you won’t need to replace them quickly.

The second purchase at JJill was a white Perfect Reversible Tank.  I have bought this several times and I love it!  It’s considered reversible because it has a scoop neckline on one side and a V-neckline in the other so you can wear it either way. It has a fitted silhouette and is made for layering.  It’s 95% cotton and 5% Lycra and again the straps are wide enough to hide my bra straps (yay!).  It washes well and I machine dry it without problem.  I do size up one size because I like it to be a bit looser.

SAVVY SHOPPER TIP # 6 is: strongly consider this reversible knit tank for your closet.  It’s a nice non-see through white knit of a medium weight.  It holds its shape all day and looks pulled together.  So many tanks are too flimsy and don’t hold up to washing.  I love a white tank as an under layer for a denim shirt, or a kimono as in this photo.

See how this tank is substantial enough to not collapse from the long beaded necklace.  Oh my girlfriend bought two of them (one in black and one in white) because they are on sale (buy two or more for 20% off, with an additional 5% off if using your J.Jill card.  You’ll love them!

In closing I’m delighted to pass on my reasons for buying good quality and neutral basics with these Savvy Shopping Tips for The Basics.  Since I enjoy shopping I’m in the stores or online quite a bit.  And if you really hate to shop it’s essential that you pay attention to these basic item purchases.  If you buy nice items, they’ll last longer and you can spend any shopping efforts on more showy items.  

When you have great items like I’ve listed above, you can use them with many items because they’re neutral and flexible.  I really enjoy getting dressed when I know all my pieces are in “good shape”, with smooth fabrics, an attractive comfortable fit, etc.   I hope you found this blog helpful.  Please shoot me a “comment” below as to your favorite tip and/or one that you want to teach me.  We’re all in this together.  Seriously, this past nine months as a fashion and lifestyle blogger has been a fascinating journey.  I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to see what else is on the horizon!

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