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January LTK Round-up!

Today is the first Saturday in February so I thought I would show you my favorite January LTK round-up in case you’ve missed some recent posts. How are you feeling about 2024 now that one month is under our belt? Are you enjoying the winter where you live or eagerly looking forward to spring? I’m doing a bit of both. I flew back from California to quite a cold Chicago for a few days. Then I’m headed to mild Paradise Island in the Bahamas with Mr. G.Q. and some of my kids and grandkids.

To kick off the New Year, I want to show you my LiketoKnowItPage for January. This free app is the easiest way to shop with me. Please follow me and you’ll get exclusive content and sales alerts.

***Please note that under each collage there is a “shop the post” carousel where you can click on any image and go right to that item to shop for it!

Posts to Check Out from the January LTK Round-up

Here is a collage of closet organizers from my January LTK round-up.
Here is a collage of lots of chunky sweaters at many price points.
Here are the items you need to treat painful, cracked fingertips.
I love Avara as this store has such affordable and colorful seasonal pieces for Valentine's Day.
This is a collage of sequined pieces to wear and to use as accessories.
Here is a collection of nine ponchos and wraps.
Here are a bunch of darling polka dot items to enjoy!
Here is a collage of some darling slip dress looks.

I hope you enjoyed my January LTK Round-up! If you have any questions about the posts, please DM me on Instagram @drjuliemarshall or leave a question in the comments below!


Dr. Julie

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