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Recently on a cool June afternoon I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo with one of my grandbabies. The day was perfect, not too hot, not too cool and the zoo was heavily shaded so not too sunny (a retired dermatologist’s dream!). We walked around and looked at monkeys, turtles, snakes, and bugs. The thing is my little guy was way more interested in looking at ants that were crawling on the ground in front of the exhibits than at the actual “zoo animals”.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is lovely for several reasons. The admission is always free and that may be why it’s the most visited zoo in the world. (You do have to pay for parking if you drive there.) It’s set in beautiful Lincoln Park which is a neighborhood just north of downtown Chicago. The exhibits are attractive and there are lots of areas for kids to play on and play hide and seek in (more like “peekaboo” with my one year old!). It’s also enjoyable to see multiple trees and flowers scattered all over the property.

For this adventure I sported a grey and white striped v-neck tunic over white AG jeans and a dark wash denim jacket by AG. I love how durable the denim is from AG. I wore a silver multi-stranded necklace from Evereve and a silk neckerchief from Brooks Brothers. My purse was a brown leather trimmed black cross body bag by Michael Kors and my slip-on sneakers were leopard print from Sperry.

The day was perfect, the zoo was delightful and my grand baby was the BEST! Check out the Lincoln Park Zoo for an enjoyable treat.

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