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The other night I made this delicious Chicken Marbella recipe and I knew I HAD to post about it. It is now one of both Mr. G.Q’s and my favorite dinners due to the wonderful medley of flavors. It’s also a fave of mine because it can be assembled the night before and then just baked off the next day. I LOVE make-ahead dishes. Whenever I plan a dinner party, I look for as many dishes as possible to prepare one or more days in advance so as to reduce the stress of entertaining.

Chicken Marbella Recipe

Chicken Marbella Recipe

The recipe comes from the wonderful Barefoot Contessa and she mentions in her cookbook, Cook Like a Pro, that back in the 1980s, everyone served this dish at dinner parties. Ina, however has updated the recipe and as always, she doesn’t disappoint.

The dish is such fun to make because the ingredient list cleans out your pantry and refrigerator of all those half bottles of things like capers, green olives, dried oregano, etc. And since the recipe calls for just one cup of dry white wine, if I don’t have some open, I just use those little wine bottles that you can buy in a four-pack.

Works like a charm! The recipe also has red wine vinegar and dried prunes (of which Mr. G.Q. was initially very skeptical). But wow, the flavors really blend well and when the dish is in the oven, the whole house smells divine! The recipe calls for two cut-up chickens cut into 8 pieces. I instead just use 8-10 thighs depending on their size as my team prefers dark meat. Here’s the link

Here’s a photo of a portion (compliments of my photographer son, AJ Kane).

Besides the delicious chicken dish, I served Caesar salad and a yummy loaf of multi-grain French bread that I warmed, buttered in the oven. What a great meal. Let me know what’s your favorite chicken recipe below in the comments and if you will try this Chicken Marbella recipe. It REALLY MEANS A LOT to me when you take the time to comment.

Try this on your Easter tablescape!

Have a happy week!


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