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In this post, I will show you a recipe for a healthy brownies recipe that is actually delicious. I know what you’re thinking. Really? Are these treats healthy but really yucky tasting or are they delicious but full of sugar? Wrong! They’re great and good for you. Tell me more you say?

This easy healthy brownies recipe is made from very few whole food ingredients. The basis for the sweetness is Medjool dates soaked in a bit of hot water to soften them. Thus, these are healthy brownies with no processed sugar. Full disclosure: dates have lots of natural sugar, but the dates are clearly healthier than granulated processed sugar.

This is a pretty photo of eight healthy brownie bites from this Healthy Brownies Recipe.

Many of us start the new year with a resolution to eat more healthfully. These easy healty brownies are a great start! I LOVE them!

This healthy brownie recipe with cocoa powder packs an intense chocolate flavor and because they have chopped walnuts in them, they are full of rich flavor and healthy fats. Pro-Tip: Last night I made these but since I was out of walnuts, I threw in chopped pistachios (mine were salted). The end result was terrific! So if you hate walnuts, toss in the nuts of your choice. It will work!

I hesitate to mention that I think these brownies are actually vegan healthy brownies as that term can turn some folks off. But, please give this recipe a chance. You won’t be disappointed

How to make this healthy brownies recipe:

Here are the Medjool dates in a glass bowl with the other ingredients on the counter.

Ingredients for Healthy Brownies Recipe:

6 Medjool dates, pitted

3 Tbsp almost-boiling water

2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (avoid Dutched versions), plus extra for rolling

1/4 cup raw walnuts (or pistachios, see above)

1 Tbsp chia seeds

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

Sea salt

Steps For Healthy Brownie Bites:


Here are the dates in the food processor with a bit of water to soften them.
  1. Put the dates and hot water into the food processor and purée until a sticky paste forms and balls up on the blade.
Here are all the ingredients in the food processor right before the final processing.

2. Add the cocoa powder, walnuts, cayenne pepper, and chia seeds and pulse until a solid dough forms.

Here are the eight brownie bites from the Healthy Brownies Recipe before heading to the refrigerator to firm up.

3. With a one tablespoon cookie scoop, form the dough into 8 round balls, setting them on a plate as you go.

4. Refrigerate for 30 to 60 minutes to set.

Here are the brownie bites after being rolled in the cocoa powder and sprinkled with sea salt.

5. Roll each ball in cocoa powder to lightly coat and sprinkle with the sea salt.

6. Enjoy this Healthy Brownies Recipe! Hopefully, you will find this recipe for healthy date brownies to be as delicious as I do.


N.B. This recipe is from The Superfood Swap cookbook by Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN. (Amazon). The cayenne pepper is optional but I think it really works because it’s a great foil for the cocoa and the sweetness of the dates. Another option is to substitute one teaspoon of dried ginger for the cayenne pepper. This gives a milder but wonderful flavor as well.

The placemat is from Pier One, the napkins are from Amazon. The sunflower dessert plates are old, here are some that are similar. The clear stacking bowls are so useful and versatile. Pro-tip: The measuring spoons are from Amazon and they’re magnetic! This is such a cool feature when you cook and bake as much as I do because I hate it when the measuring set is all connected. Then when you just use one spoon in the set you have to wash all the others if they’re all tethered together.

I hope you enjoy this healthy brownie recipe. We all know that no brownie is actually considered a health food. But this comes pretty close to a healthier brownie recipe than any others that I have seen. I’m such a fan of these healthy fudgy brownies! Let me know if you are too!


Dr. Julie

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