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Are you drawn to patterned pants when you’re shopping

Or do you wonder if patterned pants outfits would be hard to come up with?

Do you think printed pants would be too memorable?

Well, here’s the thing.

Sometimes a pair of pants have such a cute pattern on them, I have to try them on.

Then, if they feel comfy, I start challenging myself to come up with different looks for the cute pants.

This spring, I spotted these cropped jeggings and I knew I wanted to make them a part of my wardrobe.

Now they are WAY ON SALE (originally $99.50 but now they are only $42.49!) and you should consider taking them home too.

Check out the outfits I came up with. Most of the pieces I styled the looks with are also on sale. Let me know below which outfit(s) YOU would wear.

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What do you wear with Patterned Pants?

Patterned pants outfits usually consist of a solid top, the pants, and possibly a third piece (such as a jacket, necklace, sweater, or blazer). Depending on where you plan to wear the patterned pants outfit, the tops can be casual or dressy.

These particular lemons and oranges print cropped jeggings and have several colors in them. The background is white, the lemons are yellow, and the oranges are orange. There are also green leaves in the print, so all of these colors would work well to come up with patterned pants outfits.

Outfit #1 (of the Patterned Pants Outfits)

I am wearing the first of several patterned pants outfits.  I have on the oranges and lemons print jeggings with a chambray shirt, gold sandals, and a tan woven tote.  Lastly, I am wearing a statement necklace of orange and pink beads.
Jeggings/ shirt/ tote/ sandals/ necklace (similar)

In this first look, I paired a snap-front denim shirt (GREAT BASIC!) with the printed pants. Denim or chambray fabrics are considered neutral and they go with all types of printed pants. In addition, I added gold flat sandals and a neutral tan woven tote. ALL these items are on sale and I own and use all of them practically every week!

Wearing the shirt untucked is very flattering to the middle age tummy. It looks sharp, yet comfy, don’t you think? I love the gold sandals as opposed to my usual nude ones. Pro-tip: Gold and silver are great neutrals that elevate a printed pants outfit.

Here is a close-up of me in a snap-front chambray shirt with a statement necklace of orange and pink beads.
denim shirt, statement necklace

This fun orange and pink necklace is sold out, but I found another, here at a much better price point. Pro-tip: The use of a statement necklace is frequently a great idea. It pulls the outfit together, much like a jacket or blazer, but without the extra warmth of those items.

What do you wear with patterned pants?

I love wearing a top (such as a tee, tank, or shirt) with a jacket of the same hue. Pro-tip: By wearing a top and jacket of the same or similar color, you elevate your look. The simplicity of the one color looks cohesive and classy.

Outfit #2 (of the Patterned Pants Outfits)

Here is another of the patterned pants outfits with me in a white v neck linen blend tee and a white jean jacket worn over the print pants.  My sandals are gold and the tote is a woven tan fabric.
white tee, similar white jean jacket, pants, tote, sandals

Here I am wearing patterned pants with all white pieces. I have a white v-neck linen-blend tee (a terrific basic), a white jean jacket, and gold accessories. My sandals, watch, and bracelet are gold and my fantastic neutral tote (great buy!) is a tan color with brown leather trim. Pro-tip: The leather trim on the bag really elevates it from a beachy tote to a bag to wear into fall.

How to wear patterned pants casually

Most patterned pants can be worn casually just by changing how they are styled. For instance, you can wear these print pants with white sneakers or flat sandals to create a casual vibe. Also, pairing the pants with a tank top usually suggests a more informal look.

Outfit #3 (of the Patterned Pants Outfits)

Here is the fourth paterned pants ourtfit with a linen-blend white v-neck tee and an olive utility jacket.  The purse is by J McLaughlin as is woven with brown leather trim.
similar jacket, tee, pants, sandals, similar purse

See how this outfit looks a bit more casual than outfit number 2? I love the use of the olive utility jacket and this one is an awesome fall basic! It is a terrific buy! Pro-tip: I wore the tee shirt untucked, but I ruched it a bit by raising my arms over my head for a second. That allows the tee to drape more favorably for my mid-life tummy.

Outfit #4 (of the Patterned Pants Outfits)

Here is a casual, hot weather patterned pants outfit.  I paired a linen pintuck front top with the print pants and the gold sandals.
Linen tank with pintuck front, pants, sandals

Here is a casual, hot weather patterned pants outfit. I paired a linen pintuck front top with the print pants and the gold sandals.

Here I added a gold belt to the linen top and orange print pants,
linen top, pants, sandals, gold belt

Here I added a gold belt to the linen top for some waist definition.

Here I am wearing a white linen tank, a jean jacket, the print pants , and gold accessories.
denim jacket, tank, pants, belt, sandals

What do you think of this look? The print pants are worn with the linen tank, a gold belt, and sandals, as well as a blue denim jacket. I think this looks interesting and stylish. How about you?

Can You Wear Patterned Pants to Work? (Outfit #5)

Here is one of the patterned pants outfits where I am headed to work.  I paired a white v-neck top with a white linen blazer and a woven tan tote.
white linen blazer (8)/ pants (6)/ tote/ nude sandals/ similar white v-neck top

You can definitely wear patterned pants to work, but depending on your job, you may need to dress up the pants like this. I took my favorite white linen blazer and put it over an Ann Taylor v-neck sleeveless top. I still wore the Talbots tote from above and if you want to see more of this look, just watch the video in this post!

Outfit #6 (Of the Patterned Pants Outfits)

Here is the last of six patterned pants looks.  I took a cotton cardigan and buttoned it over the print pants.  I added a layered necklace as well as fun, oversized white sunglasses.
cardigan, necklace, sunglasses, pants, earrings

Here is the last of six patterned pants looks. I took a cotton cardigan and buttoned it over the print pants. I added a layered necklace as well as fun, oversized white sunglasses.

Here is a closer view of the citron cotton v-neck cardigan, a layered necklace, and lemon earrings, with the patterned pants.
cardigan, sunglasses, pants, necklace, earrings

I even found these darling lemon earrings to add to the look.

Here is a close-up of the lemon earrings, the cardigan. and the necklace.
cardigan, necklace, earrings

I love how a layered necklace adds interest to the neckline of this cardigan, don’t you?

Conclusion to Six Patterned Pants Outfits

Well, have I convinced you that it’s a great purchase to get patterned print pants as there are so many different ways to style them? I hope so! Please check out all these looks because they are each loaded with TONS of SALE ITEMS that are terrific values! Pro-tip: A sale item is only a good buy if you would have originally bought it at full price AND if you can think of several (at least three) ways to style the item! Truly! Happy Summer Sale Shopping!


Dr. Julie

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