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Introduction to Three Plaid Shirt Outfits

Don’t you just love a plaid shirt this time of year? In this post, I will show you three different plaid shirt outfits using the same shirt. I love plaid from about October 1, until the end of February. I especially love this J Crew poplin shirt because it’s crisp, classic, and can be worn from year to year.

Soft gray cardigan over a plaid shirt with a chunky pearl choker and leopard belt. The pants are vegan black leather and pointer leggings with suede boots.

Outfit Number One of the Three Plaid Shirt Outfits

This outfit was so surprising to me. Have you ever had the good fortune of finding a new outfit when putting away your clothes? I am a person who ALWAYS hangs her things up, BUT I don’t always put the hanging item back in the closet. Sometimes, I hang it on a hook or a doorknob because I am in the middle of planning a photoshoot or a trip. Well, this cute ensemble occurred because the gray cardigan was right next to the plaid shirt and I thought the combo looked interesting. And voila, here is the first outfit.

This cozy light gray cardigan came from Nordstrom (similar, below), while the plaid shirt was from J Crew Factory. J Crew Factory is definitely a spot you should check out. Wonderful values and quick online service. Then for interest, I added an old choker of chunky pearls (similar one, here) and diamond stud earrings.

My vegan leather and pointe leggings were from Chico’s and unfortunately, they are sold out (similar, below). Lastly, I wore black suede riding boots. Style tip: I love mixing textures when I wear black such as vegan leather leggings with suede boots. This creates visual interest. Oh and look how I added a leopard belt to define my waist. Leopard is considered a neutral so it goes perfectly with the plaid shirt.

First of three plaid shirt outfits: Soft gray cardigan over a plaid shirt with a chunky pearl choker and leopard belt. The pants are vegan black leather and pointer leggings with suede boots.

Outfit Number Two of Three Plaid Shirt Outfits

I LOVE RED! I love it as a color to use to decorate with, I love it for the holidays, and I love it for Valentine’s Day. It always makes me feel happy! Here I wore the same black plaid shirt, but I layered a Lands End turtleneck underneath. This time, I wore my favorite Wit and Wisdom Ab Solution Skinny jeans from Nordstroms. Again, I wore the leopard belt, but this time, I wore it through the jean belt loops.

My shoes are a terrific find! My good friend Colleen was wearing these when I visited her this past summer in Kiawah. The shoes are Taos and I am wearing the charcoal color which goes well with khaki, black, and denim. Very versatile and comfy. They have wonderful sole inserts for support when walking or standing. Lastly, I added a Talbots red jacket that is kind of like a short trench coat (similar linked below).

red jacket over a plaid shirt with a red turtleneck.  Skinny jeans with a leopard belt.
red jacket over a plaid shirt with great charcoal sneakers and skinny jeans.

Outfit Number Three of the Three Plaid Shirt Outfits

red puffer vest over plaid shirt withe skinny jeans and a cross body bag
This is the most casual of the three plaid shirt outfits. Here I am at the Ritz hotel in Chicago before going out Christmas shopping. I added a Brooks Brothers puffer vest (last year, similar below), to the plaid shirt and same skinny jeans and Taos sneakers. I also wore a Coach crossbody bag. When I shop, I prefer the security and handsfree nature of crossbody bags.

So that’s three plaid shirt outfits. Which one is your favorite? I’m torn between the first and second looks. Let me know in the comments below what you liked. Here are a few more posts you might enjoy. Fun Teacher Outfits, What to wear in New York in the Fall, What to Wear on a Fall Road Trip, Glittery Holiday Outfits.


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