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First outfit with tan chinos, leopard sneakers and tote, a striped tee and olive green utility jacket.

Introduction to Fun Teacher Outfits

Hi Lovely Ladies! I have been receiving multiple requests for teacher outfits. While I am not a teacher, I think it will be fun and hopefully helpful to show you several cute teacher outfits. All have comfortable shoes or booties and pieces that are interchangeable to create even more looks.
I like my clothes to be comfortable and as teachers, you also need to be able to easily move around in your clothes. In this post I will show you various items and I will also show you links to similar items if the exact items are no longer available. Let’s get to it!

Teacher Outfit Number 1

In this first outfit I paired several terrific basic pieces. I paired tan chinos with an olive utility or cargo jacket. I wore a navy striped long-sleeved tee, but any color striped tee would work. Also if it’s still warm by you, a sleeveless or short-sleeved tee would be preferable.

For accessories I sported leopard sneakers (so comfy!) with a leopard tote. Then for extra oomph, I added a small navy print silk neck kerchief. I added pearl stud earrings and a charm bracelet with my trusty stainless steel watch. My last detail was a tiny amber choker.

Style tip: To elevate a basic look such as this pair of chinos, tee and jacket, use animal print accessories as well as fun jewelry. This takes the main pieces and turns the clothes into a “cute teacher outfit”. Here’s another fall outfit post What to Wear on a Fall Road Trip, Five Fabulous Fall Fashion Finds for You!, Early Fall Looks: Blazer, Cute Tops and Olive Pants.

Teacher Outfit Number 2

burgundy boho top with gray oversized cardigan over skinny jeans with leopard slip-ons

In this second cute teacher outfit, I paired skinny jeans with a burgundy boho top. (This top is very light-weight, but due to the dark color of its print, it reads more “fall”. Again I wore the soft leopard slip-on sneaker, but for possible cool mornings, I added a gray slightly oversized cardigan.

See the same pearl stud earrings and amber necklace, but this time I wore a silver charm bracelet with my watch.

Style tip: To handle the temperature swings at this time of year, it’s smart to wear layers. But notice (in the next two photos) that with or without the cardigan, the outfit looks complete due to the thoughtful accessories. Here’s a few boho top posts How to Style Boho Tops, A Leopard Denim Jacket with a Boho Top, Jean Jacket, Chinos, and a Fun Boho Top, What to wear for Thanksgiving Dinner.

burgundy boho top with an oversized gray cardigan worn over skinny jeans.  Leopard slip-on shoes, pearl earrings, and amber necklace and a silver charm bracelet.

Teacher Outfit Number 3

burgundy henley with plaid over-shirt and light wash jean jacket, dark wash skinnny jeans and booties
Isn’t this third outfit sooo darn cute? I layered a medium wash jean jacket over a plaid shirt worn open, over a burgundy henley. My dark wash skinny jeans are cuffed over tan booties. I find booties more comfortable than flats, but if you prefer the latter, they too, would look great.

Style tip: Be sure your jean jacket has a bit of stretch as that will increase its comfort. Also wearing these three layers allows you the option to remove any of them as the day warms up. Each piece can easily stand alone, but all together, they really pack a “cute teacher outfit” punch!

Teacher Outfit Number 4

In this fourth of this series of teacher outfit ideas, I paired a rich magenta shirt with a leopard belt, leopard flats and a small soft blue and rose silk neck scarf. This one is from Ann Taylor. Even though I am just wearing a blouse and pants, because of the deep rich color of the blouse, and the gold accessories, this combination looks like “cute teacher clothes”, don’t you agree?

Style tip: I have great luck finding small neck scarves at Ann Taylor and Madewell. Check them out. Scarves should last you FOREVER. The prints and styles come and go, but they are work hanging on to. They’re just a terrific and classy accent piece that easily transforms an outfit from ordinary to chic.

Here you can see I am actually wearing leopard flats. Mine are by a company called Birdies and they have nice inner padding for my very tender feet. I have also linked a few more affordable (but of course, still darling) options. Take a peek.


So there you have it folks! Four really cute teacher outfits. What do you think? Would these work for you? Let me know in the comments below or DM me @drjuliemarshall. Happy Early Fall!!!


Dr. Julie

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