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Want to know How to Style a Grey Cardigan? Read on!

One day this week Mr. G.Q. decided to take a day off from golf 🏌️.   So I suggested we go out for lunch.  He took me into Palm Desert to a fun spot called Wilma and Frieda’s.  It’s a cute place on El Paseo which is the chichi spot where all the cool stores are located.  Wilma and Frieda’s is in the area called “the Gardens” and is a lovely small two story mall with many palm trees 🌴 and flowers 🌺.

The restaurant is open seven days a week but only for breakfast and lunch.  The food is delicious and the service is consistently great.  I get on of the four egg 🍳 dishes cleverly named “the Eeny, Meanie, Miney or Mo”!  The restaurant is named after the two owners’ grandmothers which I love ❤️.  You can’t make reservations but if there’s a wait (usually 45 minutes), we just put in our name and wander around the grounds until they text us!

For this outing I decided upon a grey J.Crew outlet cotton cardigan layered over a pink leopard sleeveless zippered front tunic by Eight Sixty (old), and my trusty J.Jill dark wash leggings.  It was warmish so I wore black Cole Hahn leather flip flops.  I don’t usually wear flip flops as I think sandals look sharper, but I thought these looked good with the length of my jeans 👖.  For accessories I wore my favorite Evereve layered silver beaded necklace (old), my stainless steel Ebel watch (old and a gift from Mr. G.Q.), and a pearl bracelet made with various size pearls (old).  

My purse 👛 was so cute but you can’t tell it from these photos!  Mr. G.Q. wasn’t in a patient mood so when we were shooting these photos he didn’t take a moment to look at my little pink purse.  So in his shots it’s backwards 😬.  But don’t worry,  when I got back home, I quickly snapped a photo.  

How to Style a Grey Cardigan

It’s such a cute little bag and it surprisingly carries my phone, my credit cards, and my lipstick 💄.  It even has a cross-body strap (tucked inside)!  It’s beaded on the design side and incredibly reasonably priced.  Check it out!

This whole outfit is a cute formula: cardigan or blazer over a tank or cami, over a pair of jeans.  This is a “go to” combo of pieces for me because it’s easy and feels “put together”.  I like the use of a cardigan over a longer tunic or tank because the waist of the open cardigan gently serves to accentuate the sides of my torso, creating a waist without being as constricting as many belts.  Also the grey color is very neutral and works well with the silver zipper and jewelry.  The pink color of the tunic pops against the sweater.  (You could easily substitute another basic color cardigan such as ivory, white, black or navy to wear with this look).   

I know many women think cardigans look frumpy so they avoid them.  I love them but one of the keys to looking cool in them is to push up the sleeves.  This really changes the look and gives you the added benefit of being able to show off your jewelry.  Lastly it gives you a soft piece of clothing to pop on if the wind picks up or the air conditioning kicks in!  

I hope you liked this layered lunch look and learned How to Style a Grey Cardigan!  Check out Wilma and Frieda’s (73575 El Paseo, Palm Desert) for a delicious and fun breakfast, brunch or lunch!  You won’t be sorry.

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