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Last Spring (2019) I had just started my blog when I posted two popular posts on Closet Organizing Tips. I thought it might be fun for me to show you a few more ways that I’ve organized things out west. Above you can see how I lined all my scarves up using velvet hangers. I tried to arrange them by color, to aid when planning an outfit. I find it really helps me coordinate my clothing when I can see my items in an orderly array.

Closet Organizing Tips

I put all my earrings, bracelets, watches, and rings together on these stacked dessert stands. I actually used them this past January during “My Snowman Tea”. Again I find “out of sight” is definitely “out of my mind”, so it really helps to see all my jewelry at once.

My necklaces are all displayed on tie racks, (similar one, here). I try and group the pearls together, the delicate necklaces together, etc. Since I now have two homes, I really want to be able to effectively accessorize, thus, displaying them this way really helps me.

Belts are displayed on the same kind of tie rack. These racks are lovely, made of cedar with brass posts, and very sturdy.

My purses are in two spots. The littler ones are above my pants in a closet alcove. The bigger totes are on another tie rack. (Thanks to Mr. G.Q. for hanging all these racks!)

My hats are in a soft hanging unit that hangs from the closet rod, (similar one here).

My shoes and boots are all lined up on the floor under my clothing. I try to arrange them by color and style of shoe/boot.

So that’s how I’ve arranged my accessories in my California closet. As for my clothes, I just followed my plan in the “Messy Closet, Part 1 and 2” blog posts. I hope this has given you some inspiration to organize any sections of your wardrobe that could use some sprucing up. I know we’re all staying safe at home during this unusual time. I think it might be helpful to spend some time organizing our closets, so that when we’re finally allowed back out in the world, we’ll be even cuter than we were before this “sheltering in place” started!

Stay tuned as my next blog idea involves showing you how to truly “shop your closet”… So since you probably have the time now to straighten things up, why not organize this space and await my next batch of suggestions.

Stay safe! Stay well!

If you want to see a post about shopping your closet, look here.


Dr. Julie

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