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Hello Lovely Readers, I can’t believe it’s November 2! Are you beginning to wonder what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner? I know it’s really a holiday more centered on the food than the clothes. But it’s still fun to come up with looks early enough in the month so as to reduce your stress come Turkey Time. I put together three potential outfits.

Style Tip: If you scan the three outfits quickly, they all look distinctly different. But, I actually used multiple items, multiple times. For example, I used the black cardigan, honey pants, leopard belt, and brown booties each twice. For most of the jewelry, I used the pieces three times! I point this out because I have found the best way to make a successful purchase, is to try before actually purchasing the item, to come up with several ways to wear it. It’s so easy to fall in love with an item when you see it a completed outfit. I want you to love all your purchases and to have lots of ways to wear them!

How do you come up with different ways to use an item? If you’re reading this post, hopefully you are already following me. I enjoy the challenge of mixing up my pieces and am frequently sharing these suggestions with my readers. If you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to my blog (, and my free shop (LikeToKnowIt App under Dr. Julie Marshall). Another idea is to ask your salesperson when you’re checking out how has she seen customers wear the piece. Lastly, if you see a cute outfit on a person when you’re out and about, tell them that you love their look. They’ll be delighted and will probably give you some tips about their outfit!

Let me know in the comments section which one you think is the cutest. Most of the items were from past seasons, so I thought it might be helpful for me to find other similar pieces for you to consider. You will find these links right below my photos. Click on them to see the price and item details and to shop if you like.

Black long cardigan over a chambray denim shirt with a leopard scarf.  Amber necklace, and gold hoop earrings and watch.  Brown booties complete the look.

What to wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

This is a comfy look with a light blue Madewell shirt, honey-colored faux suede narrow Ann Taylor jeans, and old brown suede booties. I added a J Crew leopard belt and a black (old) cotton cardigan. I popped a leopard scarf around the neck and lastly, my jewelry pieces were gold hoop earrings and a watch, with a tortoiseshell bangle and an amber pendant.

I think most of us have a chambray or denim shirt in our closet and dark tan or light brown chinos which would look similar to my outfit. I like the gold and tortoiseshell accessories. Lastly, brown booties work well with these tones.

This look is a bit more dressy in that the berry-colored cotton no-iron shirt from Talbot’s is a deep jewel tone. It pairs with the same Ann Taylor suede pants from the first look but isn’t it interesting how different they look with the deep color of the blouse?

I especially love the statement necklace (J Crew outlet). I actually bought this for my daughter and liked it so much I had to go buy it for myself! I like all the deep colors and variety of stones in the piece. Lastly, the black cardigan and booties are consistent with the deep berry color. The bag btw is by J Crew.

teal camisole under a blue, purple, and green sheer voile top.  Worn with boyfriend jeans. brown booties, a calfskin crossbody bag and gold accessories.

This third and last choice really photographs well. This is a sheer voile top in a boho style worn over a teal cami. Both are old, top by Weston and cami is by Beloved. I added a periwinkle cotton Cabi cardigan. This is a great trick: it’s flattering to add a cropped cardigan when a top is flowy. The cardigan pulls the sides in a bit to create more of a waist.

The pants are comfy boyfriend jeans and they pair nicely with the brown booties. The brown calfskin crossbody bag was a purchase from a trip several years ago to Door County. I love the texture it adds to the look. Here’s a blog about more ways to wear a boho top.

Well loyal readers what’s your vote?

Which one should I wear? And what’s your favorite outfit for your turkey 🦃 day?

Thanks for reading What to wear for Thanksgiving Dinner!


Dr. Julie

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